Who starts next game

Ok after Porter's showing yesterday,who starts against Sask. at quarterback. Who starts at runningback with both Jesse and Kenton Keith possibly hurt. How about receivers. Do we put in some backups to have a look?
my bet is Porter with Printers coming in at the half.
Keith starts with Tre Smith. Lumsden out with nagging shoulder injury.
Lots of experimentation with the rest of the team.

At some point or another the team will have to give Printers one or more starts to help evaluate what direction the team will go in the off season. Too many things still left unanswered about Casey, not just his play but the offense he has worked with. Same goes for Williams, he will have to get some substantial playing time for the same reasons. Porter has shown that he is a least at "keeper" for next season.

I honestly start Porter from here on in.

We know what Casey does for us, gets hurt, has happy feet, throws interceptions, gets way to excited over a first down, lack of consistency on drive, trouble with accuracy, holds the football like a loaf of bread, has tunnel vision to 1 receiver on every play, doesn't run with authority like he showed in BC, doesn't play at all like he did in BC and we have paid him 1 million dollars for 1 win.

We know what Williams can do for us, change the pace of the game, has a weird delivery, has somewhat consistent drives, not a deep threat with his arm and will never be a starter in this league.

Porter is the unknown. He has played 2 good games and 2 poor games. But in those poor games, I still see a good QB emerging.

The only other person is Trafalis but I think he won't see action until next year's training camp.

If Porter can hang with the big boys over the next couple weeks, we let Printers go in the offseason and turn this team over to him.

I like QP at QB but with our Oline hes going end up like Jesse and now Kenton, very mangled.

With Porter's emergence, Printers is done in Hamilton. You don't need him at his hefty price tag, don't waste your time on him this season. In the offseason, cut Printers and sign a veteran like Crandell to back up Porter and Williams.

I like Printers, and I have defended him this season, but the only way you can justify his salary is if he plays like an elite player, and he hasn't. You guys are far better off taking the money you're spending on Printers and signing some quality D and O-linemen.

8) I think this team has already made up their mind regarding Williams, and his future with this team !!
  Whether that is good news or bad news for Richie remains to be seen  !!!!

Tipper, I agree when it comes to Williams, that his fate is already sealed. Was just trying to be nice. :slight_smile:

Without question,

Porter starts next game and for the rest of the season. This guy is the best of the bunch. He has the arm, poise, strength,toughness and can run. Even though we got beat pretty bad against the Als. You can see this guy has the dimeanor, and talent to make this team a contender next year.

Agreed on all counts.


I would come back with Porter. I don't think it would be a smart move to abandon Porter because of a bad game. Just look at what he did after BC.

Supply Porter with a half decent O Line, and some experienced, reliable receivers, and I think you are right !!!

I like the looks of his demeanor also, considering he is a rookie to this league !!!! 8)

Hey we agree :smiley:

Your right about the O line, if we get some quality lineman and give the receivers some more time to gel, and pick up another go to receiver aside from Rodriguez. Porter will pick apart apposing defenses. I am convinced and saying this without putting hype on Porters, that he is the real deal.

Anyone remember the last CFL QB to come out of Boston College?

cough cough Doug Flutie cough cough

just saying is all

Its a tough one but now teams have tape on Porter. The half game and one good game could be due to not having tape on him. Montreal made lots of mistakes in that first game and may of made him look better then he really is. Plus he had the advantage of them not really knowing how to prepare. He made just as many mistakes as CP did against montreal. Fumbles picks etc. It showed yesterday he is not our saviour and people need to wake up and realize he is a rookie and 1 game does not dictate that he should be handed the starters role as was seen yesterday. Overall it was a poorly run game and if it was CP behind the centre everyone here would be calling for his head. Give Casey a good oline and good recievers and then see. Of course he only has a chance to lock on 1 reciever and has happy feet and runs often. I mean clearly the online is not good enough and being rocked every play will cause him to run more often and he only has time to do a check to one reciever if he goes for a second check he is sacked. This only and offense isnt built for CP style. Last game Porter caught a few breaks where the recievers caught some balls for a change. Next year get an oline and OC that can work with his style and a reciever or 2 that makes some big catches and doesnt drop the easy ones. Its been tough for any qb with a revolving door of medicore recievers and no real go to guy a backfield that is talented but different on a weekly basis and a pourous oline is no way to evaluate any qbs skills etc. Steve Young John Elway would not even be able to work with this team and wed still have only a couple wins. Next yr id come back with cp with a rejuvated oline recievers and a better oc and go from there. Is DMAC the anwser for oc im not sold as the play calling since he took the reins has been nothing to write home about either


That TD run showed what he's made of. The entier team played like junk. Not his fault. Porter should start.

Porter's throws are a lot more accurate than Printers. Many times Printers over/under throws his receivers and I think that's a result of trying to put too much on the ball. I say go with Porter, for now.

Next year, none of the coaches aside from Danny Mac should be back. None of them.

I agree 100 % the team has no clear and solid direction. Every coach should be fired. Find someone who can motivate - provide clear leadership skills and SOME discipline. I don't care about Hage's food baskets
or any other crap about players and the fans. We want winners - not human turn styles.

The biggest problem is the front office who thought our O and D Line were capable of getting the job done. The games are always decided in the trenches. The current player selection on the line on both sides of the ball is PATHETIC. This brings me to the conclusion that the HEAD office are unable to evaluate talent. If you think Hudson, Hage, Thomas , NML Kashama, are good enough for this team - watch the game film - these guys can hold a block or get any pressure on the opposing QB.

At this point in the season I am getting the impression Obilovich and the tean scouts are out of touch and can not find any decent talent. .............................

Porter, someone who actually wants to work for his paycheck!

We know porter has ..
The Question now is do we keep Williams or Printers ?
Have Let both have a Game
Best Performance get the #2 Job going into Camp
We also have see what Adam Brings to the Table ..