Who Starts next Game Ray or Maas

who would you start next week ? and why.

Ray. He did hold onto the ball too long a few times, there was a fumble on his watch. Just about everything else wasn't his fault. He didn't decide that #36 was going to be play...screwing up the whole game, he presumably didn't tell the recievers to avoid getting open, nor was he responsible (except when holding on too long) for the O-line not holding the pocket together.

On the other hand, he made a couple of first-down runs, avoided throwing the pick, tried to throw to the end zone much more than last week, continued to be durable and didn't panic.

So he starts. If the protection and running game isn't there for him next week, we should put Z or Maas in to save the poor guy from getting killed more than he needs to, especially if what happened to us in the 4th quarter today happens in the first half to us next week.

Ricky Ray will start, still their #1 QB, 64.9% completion rate, retro game at home vs Lions. In my opinoin, he’s playing smarter than last year thus far. GOTTA GET THE RUNNING GAME GOING. Ray will be just fine. :thup:

like wow... I couldnt beleive it, i stopped watching after it was like 26 - 9 in the 4th quarter er something, the Eskimos over the past 5 seasons have had a ton of TERRIBLE and i mean TERRIBLE games, even when they won. But god, that was one of the worst games ive ever laid eyes on. When your a pro and you get blown away by 34 points... something is VERY wrong
I better not have to watch the same crap next game.

Trade Ray to Winnipeg for Lefors. :lol:

Seriously you still have the best QB.

Till we get an actual O-line I pity anyone standing behind them. Lumsden wouldn't have made a bit of difference with unquestionably the worst O-line in the league, we'll keep using up running back's as Maccioccia seems to believe they're just no good and that's why our ground game is so awful.

While I'm in rant mode, her's a few more things I wonder about:

  • genius plan of throwing for 2 or 3 yards on 2nd and 10 (probably cause receivers can only get that far before QB is pressured)
  • teams kick away from Jackson (our best returner) never occurs to Esks to try this strategy on others


You don't have your six figure starting Quarterback riding the benches because of "One Stinker" game.

IMHO Ray is still the Best QB in the league.

The real question Eskimos fans should be asking themselves is how much longer should they put up with Whitlock...

I don't think we should toss Ricky Ray aside this early. He's still the best QB right now, and as some have already mentioned, our O-Line is terrible. One play they'll give Ray 5 minutes to throw, and on the very next play they'll give him half a second. Our O-Line has been terrible for years. I've complained about it for years. Yet nothing ever seems to happen. Instead, we work on our offence, or we work on our special teams. But never the O-Line.

Fortunately, we play BC next week, and judging from last week's nightmare, their O-Line might actually be worse than ours... :?

I'll let you know after tonight! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Start Maas over Ray? Really? Is this even a viable question? :lol:

Come on, guys. Ricky Ray is still an elite quarterback. If Whitlock makes even one of those TD catches instead of dropping it, the whole game might have turned out differently. And with no running game to speak of and McCarty inexplicably nailed to the bench until the fourth quarter, the Eskimos' attack became one-dimensional. Even then, Ray piled up pretty good yardage on my Als. The red-zone production didn't come, but it will. Ray is too good to be contained for long.

IMO the problem lies in personnel assessment (Whitlock over McCarty), O-line problems (our D frequently caused problems in the backfield only rushing 4 guys against 5 O-linemen), and playcalling (Worman never stayed with the run, and those 3-yard passes on 2nd and long were an exercise in futility).

Eskie fans, your team's biggest problem is the same one as last year: Danny Maccioca.

He is poor at bringing in talent. Everyone knew they needed an upgrade to their o-line - what does he do? Nothing. Comiskey retires, and they give up a high draft pick to get back McGrath, who they could have re-signed on Feb. 15 and gave up nothing. Otherwise?

Everyone knew they needed an upgraded running game. What does he do? Follows his heart rather than his head and signs an injury-prone Lumsden, who lasts about 8 minutes. After that? Whitlock, was awful. Yet the Tabbies, down to their 4th string, pull out a gem with Cobb. The Riders, with no Cates, seem to have a decent player in Charles. Winnipeg was so laden with backs that Joe Smith found himself 3rd on the depth chart and was cut outright. Calgar has Summers and Watson plus Cornish, a good Canadian kid.

Everyone knew they needed receivers after Tucker retired and Campbell went to The Show. What happens? Nothing. Teams can eliminate Peteson, and what's left? Jamaica Rector? Please.

The only upgrades they made this year were via free agency, which is the opposite of what Edmonton did in their prime - they always developed their own talent. Now, the only place Danny can find players is TSN, during other CFL games.

Until this changes, Edmonton will continue to limp along.

Nowacki is turning into a decent receiver, as is Stamps. The problem is the O-Line isn't giving Ray sufficient time to hit his receivers.

I agree with you about the running game. A couple seasons ago we had Tyler Ebell. He was decent. He rushed for 650 yards in 11 games with an average of 5.2 yards/carry. Then, for whatever reason, Edmonton either released him or traded him. Either way he ended up in Toronto. He was injured, missed an entire season, and then was eventually cut because the Argos have Robertson. Then BC signed him, and the Lions are using him as a returner. He returned 6 kicks for 129 yards and 1 punt for 13 yards last night.

Then we had AJ Harris. He looked decent in pre-season last year, but still we cut him... only to bring him back a couple weeks later after McClendon didn't work out. He rushed for 557 yards in 10 games with an average of 5.6 yards/carry. He also scored 6 TDs. But we cut him during the off-season so we could sign Jesse Lumsden, which I knew was going to be bad, and it was.

Edmonton has completely mismanaged the running game. It probably won't be long before DM cuts or trade McCarty.

(BTW, I know the numbers above don't look like much, but when you consider how little Edmonton has used the running game over the last couple seasons...)

Artie, good point about player recruitment. I too am puzzled that the Esks weren't able to bring in more quality guys to compete at RB and receiver. Losing Tucker and Campbell has really hurt that receiving corps and it's not like there aren't options out there (Flick? Armstrong now?). Joe Smith is unemployed, as is Mike Imoh. But Danny M. has done nothing to shore up these two areas of concern, nor has he made the O-line appreciably stronger.

Ray is a great quarterback, top three in the league along with Burris and Calvillo. But he can't win a game all by himself. He needs support in the pocket, receivers who can make plays, at least one quality tailback to carry the load, and an O.C. who is committed both to the run and the intermediate and deep routes, not just dink and dump.

The whole Ebell thing unravelled late in 2007 when we has a healthy scratch for a late season game. No real explanation was given, and he was traded to TO that offseason.

Chief's assessment of what happened after that is bang on, and hard to explain, given just how many young import backs there are out there. There's a reason that it's hard to keep a starting tailback job for more than 3 years.

As for receivers, they're all okay, but there's no real stud among them. And all of them were around last year, so they lost their best two, and just went with what was left - they brought in nothing in the offseason that was better than their 3 through 8 receivers last year. That they couldn't find someone better than their 8th best from a year ago does not bode well.

Other than QB's, who the Eskimos have had a knack for finding since the 70's, and other than Tucker, Campbell and Avery, all of whom were ex NFL'ers, who is the last genuine stud to actually be found, signed and developed in Edmonton?

My memory of Mike Imoh is a little hazy, but as far as Joe Smith is concerned, no thanks. After the drama that went down in B.C., and then his mediocre season in Winnipeg, he can stay in the unemployment line.

Is DJ Flick not with the Riders anymore? I just assumed he was. I wouldn't mind the Eskimos looking into Armstrong, but it sounds like Toronto may have beaten us to the punch. (Big surprise.)

On that I'll agree with you. We have a decent receiving corps with Peterson, Nowacki, Stamps, and Mann, but you're right: We didn't really bring in anyone new to replace Kelly Campbell. We basically just stuck with the guys we had the previous year. At least we kept Tucker as the receivers coach.

Honestly, Maciocia is the most idiotic person ive ever seen when it comes to football, all of your statements are true, and ive hated him even when he won the Grey Cup in 2005, THE ESKIMOS DIDNT DESERVE IT THAT YEAR and im a huge Esks fan, the Esks have sucked since 2005, and its b/c of poor management, i dont see why the owner hasnt fired the idiot, and the situation with Lumsden, when the Esks signed him i groaned… sure hes great but i told all my fellow Esks fans that i knew that he’d prob get hurt withing 3 games… and look, it was 8 minutes! jeez! who saw that coming? and all we have is McCarty who is alright, but not nearly starting material, and a rookie who dosent look promising at all. The O-Line was not upgraded! And thats the reason AJ Harris was released, b/c the oline didnt do anything, same with Ebell, too guys who could have been starters for this franchise, but no, good ol Danny Mac thinks its the runningbacks, our Oline is terrible! They are the reason for this, and Danny M is ignorant to that, and look, he hasnt done a damn thing! Man its just… irritating, whoever is higher than Danny M should maybe open their narrowminded heads and fire the guy, hes disgracefull to the Eskimos, the tradition of being a powerhouse was lost when he came around, and now its a tradition of mediocraty and up and very down levels of play with inconsistance, and i hate watching it. Even when we win, i most of the time sit there thinking… HOW?
Its just frustrating and embaressing, especially when you lose 50 - 16 and only win 19 - 17, that was a game the Esks didnt deserve, it was atrocius to watch, and idc that it was raining, i was there, there was just nothing for a spark in the Esks Offense, and by god it had NOTHING to do with the WEATHER!

I agree. I think Edmonton was lucky to walk away with the W last week. All I can say is thank God Winnipeg has Serna kicking their field goals. If it'd been any other kicker, the Eskimos would be 0-2 right now.

And I love your first paragraph. I completely agree, and I was actually thinking about this the other night (after that humiliating loss). I started looking at the past scores and noticed something quite disturbing: This team has been blown out more than any other (except maybe the Ti-Cats). Here's a list of our blowout losses:

2005: Lost 40-14 to Hamilton, 43-23 to Calgary.
2006: Lost 46-10 to Winnipeg, 44-23 to Calgary.
2007: Lost 54-14 to Saskatchewan, 33-8 to Toronto (Not a big blowout, but we were still held to under 10 points).
2008: Lost 34-13 to Saskatchewan, 40-4 to Montreal, 55-9 to Saskatchewan.
2009: Lost 50-16 to Montreal.

Sorry CHIEF have to make a conclusion: each team pulls off a blowout against the other in any given season. Neither of those games is an accurate barometer for what happens down the road come playoff time in a given season. We''ll see how many blowouts the Esk's pull off. :rockin:

From 2005 to now, the Eskimos have only had 3 blowout wins.

All in all, the team ive loved, love and will love forever, sucks big time(i had to restrain from colorfull language), and will continue to struggle with Danny M in the organization, plain and simple, idk what has to be done, but if the owner is too blind to see whats happening, maybe itll be up the fans of the Eskimos to send the stupid owner (Lelacher) or whoever the loser is, a big message.
At this point, if the Eskimos have a record of 11 - 7 and less, and they get a playoff birth and even win the Grey Cup, i will still not be happy, you know why?
BECAUSE the ESKIMOS are winning titles fueled off of MEDIOCRE performances, and that kills me when a team, whether itd be any team, even my very own Eskimos do that, its just garbage, and i watch the Grey Cup to watch the TRUE best teams win, not some team who wins b/c of a FLUKE 30 yard pass on 3rd down. Yes i am referring to the Mookie Mitchel 30 yards FLUKE. It was GREAT at the time, but i wasnt as wise about all this as i am now, the Eskimos did not deserve Grey Cup 2005. And ive loved the Esks since i was a day old.
All this boils down too... find the right guy who can find the right personell to play... dont keep a guy around who won the 2005 grey cup b/c of fluke... not to mention, he led us to miss the playoffs for the 1st time in what? 34 or 35 years? man i remember where i was when it was official that the Esks missed the playoffs, in my dads truck driving to Superstore. I went off!

And with that, im out... for now