Who starts Labour Day?

I doubt Bishop will start, because he needs time to learn the playbook.

Crandell looked terrible, in his last game.

Durant may not be 100%

So who does that leave us? Jyles, Ifhe starts I will be worried.

So who do you think will start on labour day?

As dumb as it sounds Bishop. I think the guy wants to play some football and he's gonna learn our system real quick but once again I could just be talkin out my arss

Argo's and Kent Austin had pretty much the same system as the riders do now. Bishop will start.

Boshop or Bishop won't start.. too early! ler's be realistic guys.

If Durant is healthy it will be him if not Crandell, i wish it would be Jyles over Crandell. Ya Jyles scares most of us but at least he can throw a football...

I hope its Durant. But maybe its Crandall.

Durant won't be ready to go Neither will Bishop. I would be willing to bet Jyles has hurt his Knee. Probably going to be Crandell (cringe) starting again with Bishop 2nd string and Firehauf 3rd.

They were saying earlier this week that Durant was doing some serious throwing and his ribs started to really hurt again.

I doubt Bishop will start, he still needs some time to settle in and learn the playbook and stuff. If Durant is healthy, likely he will start, if not Crandell will.

If Crandell is going to be in, i seriously think he should consider losing the gloves, or atleast the right one. It's a lot harder to throw a ball with a glove on your hand. Kerry Joseph used to just use one glove on his left hand, sometimes none at all.

Rocky Butlers still a free agent...lets pick him up for one game and he can throttle the bombers on labour day one last time......

Crandell will start on Labour Day. Bishop will need a week or two to learn the system and the plays, get used to his new recievers, etc. Jyles will be the back-up and Bishop only sees the field in an emergency situation.

I think Bishop will start and finish! Adrian Smith thinks Bishop will start, and Adrian knows what he speaks :cowboy:

sorry buddy, Bishop won't be starting at all.

wake up and realize that you can't just step in fresh with no practising or prep.


If it was under the understanding that you will make some mistakes, why not?

Sambo, I believe you're right. I would add that once Durant is healthy, Crandell gets the golden handshake, or maybe even a trade.

Adrian isn't Bo; Miller's credibility would be questioned seriously if he starts Bishop over Crandell. Coming in as a relief, that could be possible for Bishop!

I am not even going to guess. Bishop might start. I assume he will be practicing here very quickly and has worked with Miller and Lapolice before.

Its going to be interesting!!!!

You won’t see Bishop starting the game, i’m hoping the Riders won’t play Crandell anymore and release him soon, start jyles and hopefully Durant will be back in the near future and when back give him the starters job he’s the only one who has deserved it. Crandells days are done in Regina, thank god!

Does anybody know how close Durant is to being back?

We should start Wes Cates at quarterback. The guy more than likely could throw the ball too, after all he does pretty much everything else on offence.

Hahaha, that ould be funny. But not bloody likely.

Here`s the latest on the qb front

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Saskatchewan/2008/08/25/6564976-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 6-sun.html[/url]