Who starts at QB on the 15th?

My prediction is Williams.

[b]Printers. With a short hook.


Seriously, Taaffe let the cat out of the bag. Some cat. Some bag. It will be Casey on the 15th. There is a football logic and there is a PR logic. Fortunately, the PR logic isn't incongruent with the probability of success, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thanks Russ. I missed both the bag and the cat.

What’s the new guy’s name… Dang. I forget. Anyway, I think I was drinking and surfing last night and pre-ordered his jersey.

Whatever. He’ll start.

Printers, with a reduced playbook. I'm a little worried that because he can't work miracles on his first game people are already going to start riding his butt.

Lets hope not. I hope we can finally get off this quarterback junk and support Casey, fully. Even if he goes 4-5 in his remaining games. Lets all just support one QB!! I have faith that all cat fans can support Casey and stand behind him.

Go Printers!!!!


It'll be run Casey ....run!

I voted for Richie Williams

At $500,000 and the way he was talking in the press, he better produce or fans have every right to ride his butt.

We have 8 games left.

think the poll should've been whos the backup my vote williams

Printers of course. Another guaranteed full house. Who cares if he is completely comfortable with the system, just start him, it will put bums in the seats. “If you start him, they will come.”

They could start the kid running the snack bar for all I care...just don't start Chang again.

reduced playbook?

you mean a playbook with less plays than short throw left, short throw right, run right and run left. How does it get any shorter than what we have seen so far this season.

Run Casey Run…the only play you will need to know.