who spit in Bakers face?

last time toronto played calgary, Baker claims a stamp player spit in his face ( this caused the scrap between baker and prefontaine )

who was the stamp who spit in bakers face?....cuz baker says hes gonna get him ( im gonna be at the game...i wanna know who to watch for ).

i believe its was scott coe. number 56. im not 100% sure on that though.

Bakers gonna go after Coe????Wow hes gonna get killed :mrgreen: lol im gonna hafta watch for this one.

He's accused Rahim Abdullah of doing it, so if Im Perfontaine
Im keeping my helmet on at all times, because Baker surely
isnt going to hit Abdullah. He'd eat Baker for dinner.

Should be Prefontaine.

Oh, sorry, that was when Hamilton played Ottawa last year.

whoever it was .... better watchout for Bakers left hook ...it's a haymaker...keep the helmets on boys...and no more violence.... 8)

Anybody else find any irony in the fact that a Toronto player is talking about revenge when just this week his coach was speaking out against violence? Food for thought. . .

Revenge is sweet, and the Pinball doesn't like violence...that's why he is offering his kicker for the remainder of the season, to be the team punching bag...

BAKER certainly and legally got his revenge against CALGARY and it was for the HIT of the game.

and to think he only had three days rest!

the guy with the lisp.

I guess that says something about CALGARY, doesn’t it?

I spit in his face

We were over-rested???