who spit in bakers face?

last time toronto and calgary met, a stamp player spit in bakers face. this led to the infamous baker-prelafontaine scrap.....
WHO was it that spit in his face????? whats his number???

cuz baker says hes gonna be gunning for that guy during todays game, and i wanna know who i should be looking for, as i will be at that game!

I’m Not positive but the scuttlebutt says that it was Rahim Abdullah that did the dastardly dead but he denies that he had any to do with it. Guess the sign you can look for is if there any contention between him&Baker during the game. I’m not asking for much but a Calgary blowout tonight would be nice with Smiling Hank passing for over 500 yds. and J.R. running for 200 plus yds.

No it was Ralph the dog!