Who sits or goes if Kwami starts

...we seem to be gathering some prolific receivers of late... Baker ....now Calville...and we haven' even had a look at Scotty Anderson....seems to me there are going to be a few changes in the receiving corps....Thurman ....McCord....could be on the bubble....anyone care to venture a guess?//// :? :? :roll:

i havnt heard anything about kwame yet?? but i have been to every bomber home game and it looks to me that the only recievers who are really doing anything are milt, and brazzell, so it doesnt surprise me that thier looking for WR talent.

We have really improved our depth at receiver, especially veteran depth which we were sorely lacking. I think McCord is probably gone but I dont know about Thurman.

Gathering up all the reject receivers from the other teams. Way to go!

Kwame is a has been. You've gotta question a guy who's been on 3 teams in as many years.

People think he'll live up to his glory days with Montreal. Not gonna happen.

Hamilton was on the winning end of this trade.

Yeah Hamilton won this deal LMAO... A 3rd round pick usually translates to a player that doesnt even make the team or a player that sits on the practice roster...

In Edmonton he was buried in the depth chart but still managed to play decent football and in Hamilton he was never given a shot for some odd reason...

We get Cavil for next to nothing and he replaces one of our many new CFL and underachieving receivers. Win win situation for us.

Do teams usually give away their "star" players for next to nothing?

hey EE, why do u even come onto our forum? Go talk about how the eskies are in last place and how we beat them twice. U think ur cool by trying to make the bombers sound bad, but if the bombers are bad, what does that make a team whose been beaten by them twice?

Hate to break it to ya buddy. But the Esks are not in last place. The Riders are.

C’mon, you know the Bombers record is not a true reflection of the team. They got some favorable matchups at the beginning of the year.

Now that that’s over they’re loosing.

I'm also wondering who goes.....

LWR: Brazzell must be in the dog house, but he has too much talent to let go, and compliments Milt nice when they are together.

LSB: Milt.....duh....

  A. Franklin was impressive in camp, has played OK, young, and is Canadian, so I think it's safe to say he stays.

RSB: Cavil - he's going to be given the chance to regain his career, lets hope he takes advantage of it.

RWR: Right now Stoddard is listed as the guy, and I was always a big fan of his....but for some reason he is not being used, and not playing like he can. Obviously the weak link of the bunch.

That leaves McCord, and Thurman (AJ 3rd stays) as the imports on the bubble. Can't either of these 2 line up at the RWR spot? Either way I also think it might be McCord who is cut

...sorry to break it to you 'ee'....after last nights game against the lions...YOU ARE IN LAST PLACE....AND STINKING.....it's just that i can't figure out which smells worse......the Esks. 'o' line...or their coaches..... :lol: :lol:...what a joke... :lol:

Back to the topic...

I think Thurman should sit a game iunno... Maybe sit Jones or Belton Johnson to make room for him.

...it looks like Baker is pursuing a 'RAP' career....and will be a no-show according to the media this morning.....he seems a little un-sure if he wants to ball anymore...should make things a little easier to choose ...whos stays who goes....i think McCord is going to get the axe... :roll:

hey EE, at least our backup qb;s can actually hold a snap lol... last place :lol:

Baker is a strange one, guess thats why the Pinner cut him loose, but Cavil is definitely in, he will start immediately as he knows the offence Berry runs, my guess is Scott Anderson also goes against the Argos, so Cavil and Anderson are in and McCord and Thurman are probably out, Stodds and Franklin remain our token NI guys....it also sounds like Dinwiddie could be the starter for the Argos as well.....but Berry doesnt have to make that call until game time, which is good to keep the Argos guessing..

...i feel like if Dinwiddie can get it doney....and can just step in....he sounds like a gooder.....why not give him some time to learn the system....but heh ...if Berry has that much confidence in him ...great...go for it....MAYBE ...we have found a Buck Pierce ....one can only hope....go BigBlue :thup:

Pappy, at this stage I would settle for a Sammy Garza....lol....just getting a few first downs would nice.

Slingin' Sammy Son-In-Law???

now those were the days...