Who signs Kevin Glenn?

Evil Empire. Not that stupid but SASK might as have no starter to date.

Eskimos sign quarterback Kevin Glenn

It is accomplished!

Lol. Awesome.

Awesome indeed.

Now, can he last for a few more years till Halifax (fingers crossed) joins the league?

Tell me it isn't so. Bad Bad move by my team. However could be cut before season starts.
Lets get a young QB with some talent to take over in 2 or 3 years. Sorry ESKIES Sorry day.

Well, KG is going to be a lot better than most young qbs coming in off the bench if need be if your goal is to win the GC next year.

Kevin Glenn signed by Esks, Darian Durant released by Al's

2 ex-Rider QB's moving in different directions on the same day! :o

Exactly. We needed a solid backup behind Reilly with the Grey Cup in Edmonton. I do hope we didn't overspend for his services where the Esks might take cap room away from a starting skill position though.

We still need to fill vacancies left by Ladler and Zylstra (NFL). Linebackers aren't usually cheap if they're above average, I'm less worried at filling out slotback/receiver position.

Darian calls it the work of the ‘football gods’

But season has not started. No guaranteed contract in CFL. Birdie says he maybe 3 rd string or less.

Doesn't matter. He has been part of all 9 teams now. He has actually played for 6, possibly soon to be 7. But the 9-for-9 achievement is now locked in.