Who signs Kevin Glenn?

Edmonton or Winnipeg would make sense at this point. Good veteran backup to bring off the bench when and if the starter goes down. Edmonton suffered a blow losing the best young Qb and backup in the league this off season while Winnipeg's The Fever is no more than a good 2nd or 3rd and short option with a noodle arm.

I can’t see any takers. unless a team gets an injur. KG was outplayed by a QB with about 6 quarters of experience in Saskatchewan.

Can't see anyone signing him myself, not until a team suffers injuries to their starter and capable backup.

Still the best choice posted!!!!!!!!!!!

I say TSN signs KG... as a backup to the panel...

Probably the logical choice - although I suspect he refrains from filing retirement papers - - - - in the event of an injury run to QBs on certain teams!

Other benefit for cost-scrunching TSN is Old Glenny can quickly fly up to Toronto to guest on the panels in short order - he's entrenched with several Tim Horton outlets in Detroit & area. . . . . . just a quick commute to the TSN studios or stadiums in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton or Montreal.

Good idea, I like it.

Hank was OK but he didn't even head into studios - he was literally phoning in his reports and having them edited into game footage. Plus, Hank's vocal chords are shot - he's really straining at times to get his ideas out. Glenn might not be as famous (or prolific) as Burris but he's very clear in his thoughts and although he was a stiff and stoic player in his early days he's become a veritable literary von vivant in his older days!

Wherever Glenn goes, the starter always gets injured clearing the way for Glenn to play.
He’s a curse.

Glenn might be a good fit in Hamilton now with Collaros gone. Good depth for Masoli.

And what about Johnny, Sask will be best fit. He can mentor Air Cando.

Montreal will likely sign Glen. They are saddled with Durant who regularly threw passes in the dirt, in front of his receivers. Durant's arm and legs are gone, and, he makes much, too much money.

But Durant is one mighty strong Cyclops! Agreed, his arm is shot, his legs are getting there! Blind in one eye, can't see out the other!

Ideal QB in the Kavis regime!

I think the Bills should sign Glenn. Seriously.

Rod Pedersen?
Eskimos GM Brock Sunderland telling me at #CFL meetings in Banff that they have spoken with @qterback5 about their #2 QB job

This needs to happen!

He @qterback5 could always be appointed Minimum Wage Ambassador for Tim Hortons!

Too soon?

:)Might be a conflict of interest, as he runs a Tims down in the Detroit area. :wink:

I think the Sask should sign Glenn. Seriously. No starter as of today


Evil Empire has my vote.

Brandon Bridge has never been on Edmonton......

2 and owns