Who signs Kevin Glenn?

…obviously Sask isn’t going to, and TO seems pretty set up…so which team does ol’ Kev play for in 2018? and why…

…I’m going with my own team…BLM is becoming an injury concern, Buckley IMO doesn’t have the Right Stuff and Stanzi isn’t there either…

C'mon Esks....get it done!

......Glenn was with the stamps before and was successful...He was also with the Bombers twice...third time the charm??? never know....I'm actually considering the Leos' in the mix....Lulay could be done....Montreal sure needs somebody but as a starter where he also played before??might be a stretch...Glenn might just consider playing donut man full time at his Timmies...just another option and if he doesn't get any offers or they're of the paltry sort, running his franchise full time might be in the cards for the travelin man.

I am thinking BC. Jennings is starting. Lulay huge question. Perfect for Glenn to mentor another young QB.
Lulay if he comes back from Injury will get offered an opening somewhere else??

Second is Edm. just to complete the set.

Third is Toronto if Ray retires.

...if Ray retires I'll add Toronto to the poll, right now there is no use/room for Glenn in the centre of the universe with a Franklin/Ray combo...

Esks have got to sign him, at least until Halifax is up and running.

Reed will sign him. He can have him and Duran battle over who gets to start each game for 2018.

I can't seem to find " other" in the choices

He's a football player and Tim Hortons franchise owner

.....Durant is due a huge bonus shortly...I don't think the Als. are prepared to pay it...IF he's released, I think he'll be on the market as a back-up and I bet Wpg. will be in the mix for his services...That brings me to a reason why Bombers will not be all that interested in Glenn.....BUT in this league ya just never know...The qb. musical ride just keeps on spinning

I like the Atlantic Schooners idea.

I would tend to agree with you except with Reed as the GM, as you said, just never know.

I fully appreciate KGs contribution to the CFL fan experience over the years and I hope whatever happens next is good for him.

Well said FYB.

Maybe he actually gets to dress for a game with the Rouge et Noir.

I cannot believe so many want Glenn to go to EDM, for no other reason than to " complete the cycle "

That is the most lame reason for a player to end up on a team.

Esks are smart enough to acquire players who can / could help them.

No other reason.

If he does go to Edmonton, so be it.

Only if he does serve the needs of the Esks. Not for some pointless historic trivia BS.

BTW, Kevin Glenn NEVER played for the Redblacks.

He was a Redblack on paper only. THAT DOES NOT COUNT.

Nor did he ever play for the Argos. They held his rights for about an hour, in the off-season.

The Bills?

YES, good catch and call. THANKS

3 teams he has not played for.

This complete the cycle talk is not even a real thing.

Saskatchewan. best choice as starter needed??