Who Should we pick First Overal in the CFL Drafft

If the Ticats wanted to ensure Gaydosh goes to a team out west, they would have to deal the #1 pick to the Riders (who currently have pick #3), the Lions (who have pick #6) or the Stamps (who have pick #7). But you are right...that presents the problem of gambling that the Bombers (who pick #2) or the Als (who pick at #3 and #5) don't take the player you want before you're up. Given that dynamic, the Cats seem to have no choice but to deal with the Bombers, if they do want to trade down. But not if the Cats would be happy with two or three possible names (not just Edem) who could each trickle down to them when they eventually pick.

Not so. The Province is suggesting the Eskimos have offered Ted Laurent to Hamilton for their first pick. Considering how much Tillman is proud of drafting Laurent. It has legs.

Laurent has NFL dreams asap - Austin would know this. If he cant be signed longterm to be developed then the deal would be pointless. EDM probably knows he's as good as gone and that's why they're offering him up.

I guess it depends how confident Tillman is that he can extend Laurent. Seems pointless to me when you can get Gaydosh at a better price.

If Laurent wanted to stay in CDA and could be signed either EDM would have done it already or Tillman would have made the deal already.

That's a lot of assumptions.

Reasonable assumptions based on common sense and realism. Getting Laurent signed is a bigger gamble than Gaydosh that's why the deal hasnt been made.

I agree. I would not make that trade. All I am saying is that the Laurent-Tillman connection gives it legs. It is possible that Tillman feels he could extend Laurent. I guess the Ticats are laying the cards on the table with Gaydosh (meeting) and they will decide following their interviews. Austin said Signability was big or #1 something like that.

Safe to say HAM has had its fill of CFL players with NFL dreams and their expiring contracts.

If the Eskimos are willing to trade Laurent to get Gaydosh, that obviously means that either Laurent doesn't want to play long-term in Canada, or that in the eyes of the Eskimos, Gaydosh is a better player than Laurent.

Nevertheless, the fact that the Eskimos are willing to deal an impact Canadian starter from their team is good for Hamilton...this could be the start to a rapidly escalating bidding war for the #1 overall pick. But if everyone is willing to "up the ante" for that pick, it must mean Gaydosh is a can't miss prospect in the eyes of many GM's, so why not just take him yourself instead of dealing the pick at all?

Take Gaydosh already. Why would you not take the best player available? To trade down to take someone who can play special teams makes no sense to me. I also wouldn’t trade the pick for Laurent(I’m actually not familiar with him)…is he better than Gaydosh?

He's very good, young but in his option year. I mean you get better immediate help with Laurent who has a couple years under his belt but if he walks at the end of the season its an expensive rental. If Edmonton agreed to give up their second rounder in 2014 if Laurent can't be extended it might make sense.

I believe that Austin coached Ted Laurent at Ol Miss, so perhaps he is a player who Austin covets, and who Austin can persuade to sign in Hamilton long-term. Laurent had 8 sacks last year.

But if you trade the #1 pick to Edmonton for Laurent, you are not getting another first round pick in that deal. The Eskimos don't have a pick until round 2. That might scuttle any deal from Austin's standpoint.

#1 and #15 for Laurent and #10 is something I'd have to think long and hard about.

Trading their number 1 selection for Ted Laurent or Don Oramasionwu and Edmonton second round selection-number 10 overall-would be an excellent choice/decision by the Tiger-Cats.

I am positive that if they trade for Ted Laurent,they will make sure that he has signed/agreed to a long term extension. -no less than 2 and as many as 3 years beyond 2013-


From a strategic aspect it would also prevent the Als from getting their hands on one of Edmonton's tackles, the next logical stop for Hervey to make a deal.

[b]A league source says other GMs are contacting the Ticats about the No. 1 pick, especially for a shot at Gaydosh. The native of Peace River, Alta., was very impressive in 1-on-1 drills at the league’s combine in March.

But Edem, of Brampton, Ont., also presents enticing value as a No. 1 pick. He showed great athleticism at the combine with a 38.5-inch vertical jump and 40-yard dash time of 4.57 seconds and could immediately contribute on special teams while learning a CFL team’s defence.

Austin said if he’s presented with the right deal he won’t be afraid to pull the trigger.


By now the first pick/trade has already been made. All that is left to do is make the announcement at 12 noon on Monday (live on TSN - 8) ). As I work every other Monday, luckily :wink: the CFL consulted with my employer to make sure it was on my day off. Mike will be glued to his flat panel at high noon to see how this year's version of the shootout at the OK Corral goes.

At this point I lean heavily to Austin choosing Gaydosh, but, whatever he does (or has already done), I hope he doesn't get bushwhacked by the other honchos at the showdown. This is his first real test under fire. There will be a lot of armchair quarterbacks on this site and elsewhere who will pass their judgment on his performance, but, as always, we'll only know for sure by how this season unfolds - this is the real acid test.


Sign & trade ... I think you're onto something Richard.

Doubt that anything is a done deal or carved in stone yet. Phone lines will be active and offers will be made right up until the deadline I imagine. This is a very interesting yet confusing and unique draft. Many quality prospects at the top with a lot of uncertainty as to whether they'll report in 2013. A deep & quality draft indeed ... But a lot of uncertainty & risk.