Who Should we pick First Overal in the CFL Drafft

I will go rith Mith Matt Sewell ..
My 2knd choice is Dlineman - Linden Gaydosh

A few other top ranked guys have had more NFL interest :

Bo Lokombo LB Oregon
Andy Mulumba DL Eastern Michigan
Stefan Charles DL Regina


As long as they can sign him, Sewell is the best choice. He has the physical tools to be a perennial all star. With the first choice going in the team can practically have a signed contract in place before draft day for whoever is their first choice. In fact they can talk to all of the top players' agents prior to the draft to see who is willing to play ball. Who knows, perhaps the deal has been done already.


I dunno...the problem with any DL pick is that we have already drafted Marc-Antoine Fortin and Arnaud Gascon-Nadon who are both young and highly qualified Ends from Laval, so it's kind of hard to justify Mulumba, Gaydosh, Charles or A'Aguilar under those circumstances. Matt Sewell is a great choice too and a local product, but he might be NFL bound. It's just too bad there doesn't appear to be any epic, stand out DBs

I think Gaydosh is the best choice, but we have a ton of NI depth on the defensive line. I wouldn't hesitate to trade the pick.

+1. Trade down. Get something in return. They'll still be able to get a quality player. I don't see anything that separates the Top 5 prospects much from one another.

I agree that a fan cannot see anything separating the top 5 prospects, but perhaps a good scout can? In any event, I stand by my earlier assertion, in that if the team has already figured out who is tops and have agreed to a contract with them, it would be foolhardy to trade down as that player may be snapped up prior to the traded down pick. The team could also be accused of tampering by the team that does the snapping (by having a signed contract for their draft choice).

It'll be Gaydosh. They have good depth at NI OLine. Its a toss up between Sewell & Gaydosh as far as blie chip prospect. The Ratio & NI role at DT with the TiCats since the signing of Bulcke dictates its Gaydosh.

Here's why I don't think we're going Dline with the first pick. We already have: Shomari Williams 6'1" 232 , Brian Bulcke 6'4" 281, Marc Antoine Fortin 6'4" 245. Last year's draft picks were : Michael Atkinson 6'0" 306, Hasan Hazime 6'5" 270, and Arnaud Gascon-Nadon 6'3" 250. That's a lot of players for one, maybe two spots on the Dline.
I think Sewell is the pick . Having said that, I'm usually dead wrong when it comes to the draft. :lol: If we trade down, the Als and the Stamps could be trade partners. We give the Als our #1 and we get their #3 and #14/or #23. The Stamps get our #1 in return for their#7 and #13. I LOVE THE DRAFT!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Problem with trading the draft pick is that the pick seems to be worth what the potential draft pick is worth, assuming he becomes an average to bellow average player. Basically, potential isn't worth very much in the CFL, which is why so many draft picks get thrown into other trade deals. However, any team with a good training program should be able to turn top picks into top players, something we need to work on.

While I've already stated that Sewell would be my pick, if the Cats go D with #1 I'd rather they pick Charles (from Oshawa, ON) than Gaydosh (from Peace River, AB) for the better chance of keeping their pick with the team beyond his original contract.

Good point. Either would be good by me. My concern is that Stefan Charles is getting significant NFL attention and may not be signed this season or ever.

A lot of info about the top prospects will be known after this weekend. Late rounds of the NFL Draft are Saturday. Players that go unselected often get calls from teams after the draft concludes inviting them to OTA's, mini camps & eventually training camps.

CFL Teams will know what the intentions of guys like Charles etc are by this time next week.

The Sun media chain reported today that three NFL teams have inquired about Sewell, almost guaranteeing (in my mind) that he is basically another Mo Petrus (pick him and the pick is wasted...he will be a FA signing in the NFL after the draft, and will toil down there for years before being released, if at all). From that standpoint, and knowing that we are already loaded with NI rookies coming to camp to complete for the D-Line, I would trade down, but only if we could pick up an additional high pick, and an experienced, import starting DB. That sounds like a lot to ask, but I'm sure a few Western teams (especially Calgary...Hufnagel covets high first round picks, and the Stamps have a lot of import talent to deal from) would bite. You might even be able to fleece Hervey in Edmonton, a rook GM who has made a few questionable moves already in the off season, in my opinion. Wouldn't it be nice to see Chris Thompson back in Hamilton?

Link to the story Blue Tees mentioned.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/04/23/three-nfl-teams-look-up-mcmaster-o-lineman-matt-sewell]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/04/23/th ... att-sewell[/url]

If I were the TIcats , I would likely trade the first pick to team that is high on Linden Gaydosh. That is if we can get a serviceble player like a potential starting Import Dlineman , or DB .

The reason is that he is a western guy and likely not a career ticat liek rottier , baumanm showed .
We also have plenty of non -import Dlinemen in the two laval guys and Bulcke.

I also see now that Matt Sewell and Stefan Charles have signed with Tennessee in the NFL and the D’agular has an NFL invite from the TBAY .

Bo Lokombo LB Oregon and Andy Mulumba DL Eastern Michigan are likley NFL bound as well

We are better of drafting one of these guys in the 2knd and third round and waiting on them

It should be in an interesting draft and I find it hard to believe that Linden Gaydosh won’t go first overall now


Video: Austin on the Ticats draft plans


I could be wrong,but listening to Kent Austin I get the impression that the Tiger Cats will select LB/DB Mike Edem with their number 1 selection. I do think that he is a player that can help immediately,particularly on special teams and give depth to LB or DB/S.


Possibly but then why would he advertise that ? Could be a decoy too.

I agree with Richard. I think that Edem makes sesne for the Ticats because he's a local guy (born near Toronto) who will be motivatated to stick with Hamilton long-term. And, more importantly, he can be used immediately as a very good special teams player, and has the skill set to back-up/eventually start at many positions, including LB and DB (Austin seems to like guys like this).

I took a look at Edem's highlight tape from last year. He has superb speed/pursuit instincts, and is a very good tackler. I could see him being sent on the blitz, and being quite effective in that regard.

I think Hamilton will trade the first overall pick for a lower pick (which they will use to take Edem) and an extra pick, but this trade will be with a team out West...not Winnipeg. Why give Gaydosh to the Bombers, a division rival?

But so are Sewell and Aguillar. All are good choices. But man it would be hard to pass up Gaydosh. This is a guy who could be a starter in the league for 10 years. I'm really curious to see how this draft goes down in the first round.

I too think Edem is a good choice , but to get him they pretty much have to deal with Winnipeg or take him first overall , if they want to get something in return for giving up the first pick and still get Edem at number two , Winnipeg is the only choice to deal with otherwise Edem could be gone . Am I seeing this right ?