Who Should TSN Take From CBC?

Now that CBC is out as CFL broadcaster, should TSN look at taking some of their talent?

I would say Walby and Mark Lee would be the obvious choice, in place of Rod Black and Danny Mac.
Black thinks he's calling baseball the way he talks over the play, while Macmanus is better suited to the sidelines or the panel.

Lee adds excitement to his calls, while Walby is very informative in a regular guy kind of way.

Greg trip over my tongue Frehs. And David gets too excited Benefield. Sean can't put together a sentence Millington.

Khari giggles JOnes might be a possiblity, but mainly as a sideline reporter. And if Milt Stegall retires, I'd give him a shot.

I meant no way to Frehrs, Benefield and Millington. Too lazy to reread it. Sorry.

Walby and Lee need to die a quick broadcasting death...the only ones I'd like to see are Benefield and Jones...

As a sidenote, I was very impressed with Burris on his guest-spot in the playoffs.

Burris was very good.
I like Walby and Lee.

MAYBE, MAYBE Mark Lee alone...but Walby's run has come to an end in my opinion. A resounding no to all the rest. Especially Milt who showed his disrespect for the media several times including last night when the lights went out on the Bombers.

That was pretty much disgusting as the CFL, and the media that cover it and loves him, gave him the opportunity to earn well over 1.75 million dollars in his 13 year career up here. Why cant he just hang his head, or turn the cheek and ignore the camera like classy guys do? WEAK Uncle Milty. You made Dinwiddie cry buddy, he had to cover for ur butt. NO WAY do I ask him over to my house if Im TSN.

Might be tough to get Mark Lee too, as he does legions of other things for CBC.


Walby and Mark Lee $uck, straight up.

They need to take Khari Jones and also Daved Benefield should be utilized in some way


i say dont bring any of them.

walby mixes up peoples names way too often and makes up his own words ( terrance armstrong??? )

jones giggles too much.

white guy with blonde hair is boring.

benefield is ok, i suppose.

i would rather TSN fire a few of the weaker guys and hire some CFL radio talent....not hire guys from CBC.

Wheres Jeff Courier when you need him???


Walby is good. I like him. No hate for Walby. Long Live Walby!

No to Walby (too much bias), Lee is an idiot, Jones & Benefield are fine. That's about it.

CFL has radio talent? Where?

Last I heard Courier was doing Manitoba Moose broadcasts in Winnipeg.

Lee bothers me with overusing a particular phrase. Last year it was "up the gut"....everytime a running back went up the middle, it was "up the gut"...once or twice a game would be acceptable, but he was using it all the time.

This year he used it much less, but his new overused phrase was "wide open"....every time a receiver caught a pass, Lee referred to him as being "wide open", even if he was double covered!

Black may be boring, but I'll take boring over annoying any day.

Mark Lee just can't leave... he has a Contract with CBC.. he does do other sports shows..

Walby is a different story, but Lee can't go until his contract expires or they fire him.

I say they take Walby and Benefield.
I like the Sound Bite segment that Benefield does.

Maybe take Benefield and Jones, but that would be about it. I thought Jones was better yesterday, and Benefield is the best panelist.

I love Mr Furious, he may not be the best broadcaster, but he brings a lot of personality and does know the game.

Chris Walby is much better than many of the talking heads we have doing NFL games down here.


I like Bennefield the best!

Leave em' all behind!