Who should the bombers take banks or joseph?

its hard to pick who to get i would like both but i would want joseph cause we need a QB. Who would you pick

lol i dont think they should take niether, if u read my post on page 5 of the predictions forum ud see why, i think we should take armstead and beat out torontos levingston and stokes return team and give Glenn another 1000 yard reciever, but if hamilton takes armstead take banks, even though he has a 200 000 dollar contract u can never make your def. secondary to good in this league.

.........I would agree........as tempting as it would be to take Joseph it would throw your current QBs into a position fight again.......better to hang your hat on Glenn as #1, with the others fighting for backup roles.........this way your O can build around Glenn (probably already has started to) and there's no infighting.......and again it's tempting to take Banks but really your backfield wasn't bad up until Rust left your squad mid-season and Daley started calling the D and things went downhill from there.........you do realize that of your top 5 defensive tacklers 3 were DBs?.......I like James's assessment and go with another receiver........

....first of all....there has to be a disbursement of players....and we don't know if that is going to happen yet... but if it does take place....it will be a toss up ...between Joseph and Banks... who knows.. maybe the Bombers would go another route and select Khan.. an ni. o lineman.....I believe Ham. will take Armstead.... :!:

i think they probly will to, but they really shouldnt take armstead, they already have like....i dont even know how many recievers, and most of them are imports. and craig yeast was a pretty dangerous return man last year. and they havent really upgraded their D all that much to my knowledge from last year. i think they should either take banks or hebert. plus i think we need another reciever/return man incase johnson gets injured again, that knee isnt to strong, and some very good arguments against johnson is he hasnt played for a while. i think we should take armstead just incase if hes available, and wait for kahn or st. germain in the second round. kahn wasnt very good last year anywase. it was like 2 sacks a game for him last year, and he wasnt a starter or anything, however he is young and shows potential which is why id take him in the second round.

you always take the best player available.......and let the rest work itself out........I have never been a Joseph fan, he was badly outplayed by Glenn in the games against the bombers last year.......yes I am saying Glenn is better than Joseph........that leaves Banks and Hebert (assuming Hammer takes Armstead) he is by far the best Ottawa has to offer and would really solidify the receiving core for Mass.........I have always thought Hebert was awesome, the guy is a demon at LB and special teams, Banks is also a demon.......flip a coin........

i wouldnt mind those two either, but they do have massively huge long term contracts.

If I was Taman I would take Banks. In my opinion the bombers secondary is sooo lacking. Adding Banks could make them respectable. I think Glenn can do well for you, Joseph is not that huge of an upgrade for you.

I say this not because I want you to leave Joseph for the Riders, even though I do, I just think Banks would do more for your team then Joseph would.

I’d Take Joseph…Glenn is a backup at best…A Nealon Greane clone!

I agree with billy soups.

I'd take Joseph, cuz then the Riders would have to sign Kahari Jones (and he would do well for you guys, trust me)

then in the next pick, I'd take a DB (not as good as banks, but I'm sure that guy would be good enough)

Glenns not a back up at best and our secondarys fine and has enough import talent. banks contract is to high for an import.

Glenn had a changing offensive line for half the season last year, Glenn had a terrible recieving corps with maggarity peterson etc. and we only had one go to reciever being milt. Glenn also had no vet QB to learn from and no QB to push him for his job. he also missed three games. and never had good QB coach. he still managed to pass for 3500 yards, and led the league in TD passes and his efficiency rating was fourth best in the league. now Glenn has a stable o-line that only allowed the third fewest sacks in the league despite all the changes. and updated recieving corps, doug berry who led a once very bad qb to a 6000 yard season. he was the 4th qb to accomplish that(calvio), and hopefully Quinn can push him for the job.

our secondary is good, our defensive coordnator sucked. am i the only one besides R&W that remembers how good they were under rod rust? and once he left thats when we sucked on D? like really, and now we have greg marshall who is even better then rust, with even more talent we got over last season. our secondarys fine, our QB's fine, much better then Green ever will be, and much better then any back up. i say go for armstead if hes available.

well.....If we do take Joseph, then riders well probably have to sign khari jones and White, along to go with nealon and crandel.

id like to see khari back on a team. like i said before someone should sign him cheap and give him a shot to try and work his way up. i personally wis the bombers would do that. but hey if he still sucks then cut him, and if he doesnt come cheap, thats his problem and quite a foolish one.

umm james.....it would be quite foolish for us signing him, and if your a bomber fan please, let khari stay on the FA or in Riderville.

you're not saying that Billy ...just so we pass on Joseph and you would get him on the next pick...you sneaky devil ya.....BUT you know Billy you are correct....IF this dispersal thing happens....we would be far better off going with an all-star like Banks....Joseph is an adequate qb. like Crandell ...and Glenn (as of now)...sooooo the likely choice for the Bombers would be Banks.....but Taman will fool everyone and go another way...just watch... :roll:

Adequate.....I'd take Joseph in a heartbeat. You guys still have high hopes for Kevin Glenn. I think he's overated. You'll be moving the ball up the field with Stegal and AJ posting great reception numbers then Boom! Interception.

I wouldn't pass on Joseph, he also gives you that third option.... a scrambling QB!

i would pass on Joseph because ur not recognizing anything im saying about Glenn, and Joseph threw more interceptions then Glenn did last year. Glenn threw more TD's. Glenn had the 4th highest QB efficiency rating in the CFL. Glenn through for 3500 yards despite having a crappy recieving corps with maggarity and peterson and having only one go to reciever being milt. now we have a great QB mentor in Berry, i think ur being silly for not recognizing what Glenn can do. what he did last year under the givin circumstances wasnt to shabby!

we also have better recievers this year, and a solid offensive line that allowed the third fewest QB sacks in the league despite being changed around so much.

...I watched both of their play pretty closely last year Sporty....and I will stick with my appraisal of Glenn and Joseph....the only difference between the two is that Joseph can carry the ball...and is more successful at the ground game...Glenn is a superior passer in my estimation....just face it neither of these guys are a D.D. or a Calvillo yet....so where is the improvement to the Bombers....We don't need a running game from a qb. remember we have Charley.....I'll stick with the guy with the better arm... in a passing league.....Glenn...who finished second in the Damon Allen qb. challenge of last year. So IF there is a dispersal.. we'll go with Banks........who as I remember had quite a few picks last year...and a couple went for tds. :arrow:

So if your on defensive end i hot pursuit....Joseph can hand the ball off to Roberts or do a QB keeper. Both dangerous, but as an defender who do you key on. Just gives you another dimension IMO.

If Saskatchewan grabs him, and makes the playoffs and you "Eastern Transplants" miss the playoffs....remember, you heard it here first! :wink: