Who should the Bombers sign as a new backup QB?

Alex Brink is a water boy and Kenny Ploen better than Brink, but too old :lol:

They've already signed Goltz, and one game is no indicator of what Brink can do. I don't like him much myself, but let's give him a chance.

It's pretty clear the Bombers are perfectly content with what they have at the current point in time and don't intend on bringing anyone else in as a backup QB. If Pierce is going to miss a long period of time they may or may not sign someone then, in my opinion, the best option is Chris Leak.

I think printers is the best option.

Maybe make a deal with the Stamps for Bishop when Tate gets healthy again.... :lol: :lol:

I would take that trade... for Willis. but i have a feeling bishop would get booed out of winninpeg after his last stint. if nothing else because it reminds people of mike kelly.

.....actually Printers name was one of the first to pop-up on Tamans napkin holder in Regina....He feels he might be the best fit for the riders as Darian is getting a can tied to him shortly...One thing you don't do with Brenda is fool around with his slurpeees or sullk on the bench..He'll find a way to get rid of ya...Just ask Kornegay :lol: :lol:

Chris Leak ?

The Bombers are not signing another QB so enough with the speculation.

Lapolice didn't not say that on his show. He said presently they are not considering it because there are NO experience QB out there AT THIS TIME.... They could be forced to if something else happens. Anyway if Buck goes down with a serious injury the team is more likely to get down on it's knees and trade for a Tate, Porter.

This thread was started regarding a replacement for Elliott. The Bombers brought Goltz back and have no plans to bring in any other QBs because there isn't a need for another. And Lapo uses the phrase "not at this time" to mean "no" quite frequently.

Exactly, if they were to lose Pierce they would likely look at bringing in someone with experience but Brinks and Eliot, you just bring in another rookie...

Pierce & Brink for now but I doubt they have enough faith in Goltz in Summers should Buck be out for any length of time.