who should the bombers go after now?

Well Pappa I have seen the Bombers play and well ha ha ha ha we all know what happened don't we. Their play was poor at best ( not using RNR sucked this time).

....red....I keep reminding you ...but you don't read.....THIS IS 06....NOT 05....there has been no play yet....after THE SEASON STARTS....then you can judge what is on the field with the various clubs....till then you are assessments are based only on conjecture at best....but keep trying..at least your posts are better than.....notsorickyrayraw... :lol:

I am glad that I can amuse you because you need to laugh now later you won't be laughing.

.....ha ha..for.now....and I will definitely be happier later.... with the new edition of the BigBlue...but you may not be so happy when you have to eat that black bird...lol :wink:

........................ya red!

That crow pie is in the oven just for you bomber fans. I believe you guys have tasted crow last year!

I think everyone ate crow last year except the eskies and their fans.... rw05.

Only if you predicted that your team would win it all. The only fans I've seen do that this year are the Bombers fans (or I guess certain Bomber fans).

You are aware that even if he does bobble every potential interception thrown his way and drops them that means your receiver didnt catch it either and you jsut lost a down. congratulations instead of giving an immediate turnover youll just have to punt it away. shucks

Roughfan I believe you to be 78 per cent correct we have to give a percentage for error! ha ha ha

Not every Bomber fan is predicting Bomber Grey cup glory, would be nice though...
We made adjustments, is it enough...yes we are a better club this year, just how good??
Can't wait to find out, just as long as we Kick the Stamps n Riders A$$..I'll be happy..

...not so....his booobling will end up in the arms of the intended receiver Milt........t.d Bombers......now c'mon mada...you know Richard is gonna have a bad case of the nerves....we are waiting..lol

The Bombers still need a proven QB....Its great to have Stegall and AJ, but if the QB can't get it there.......

They may not have a proven QB, but theirs is still better than anyone at that position for the riders, imo anyways. Glenn seemed to be doing better later in the year, but since that's when they seemed to forget how to play defence at times, he had a bit more pressure on him to perform. If he can count on the occasional stop from the dudes on the other side of the ball, he might do alright. And I hope he does in every game except the ones against us. Always liked him.

.......Glenn WILL settle in nicely with Berry...unlike the Daley fiasco...he's going to come into his own....his stats. were pretty good last year....some poor late- game decisions made him look bad at times...but with a little maturing...he can be the man.....Berry is bringing in a qb. that was at the ALS training camp last year....Quinn.....he seems to be pretty high on him...Michna and this new guy are going to give Glenn some competition...we'll see :arrow:

He might have a bad case of the nerves but its very rare that nerves affect how a safety plays. Any other position I can see how nerves affect him but the safety is either told to blit or to help covering someone. SO erven if he is nervous there will always be another al with him to help him out

.......I highly doubt that nerves affect these guys, especially in relatively non-spotlight positions like Safety......through High School, college and then into the pros players have to deal with all sorts of stuff....say what you will, but Richard will treat the game against the BBs as any other one....a few boobirds at the beginning of the game won't affect him much......and if he picks one off the only sound will be crickets.......

Ya seriously he plays in montreal we boo everyone here lol

...well if he never experienced a case of nerves up to this point in his career...he;s gonna now........we'lll make sure theres a reverberating thing going around in his head... :lol:...the louder the better.... :shock:

Really Pappa this crying over RK is getting old. By the time the season starts and really most fans could careless. Will there be a few people booing him probably but again this is such a poor case of poopee pants because your GM failed to sing aplayer move on already!