who should the bombers go after now?

who should they go after? karikari is back with the als and thurmon is to ecpencive for the bombers :frowning:

maybe they should go for some poutine...lol


Just maybe and here is a thought Taman should do his job and find some unknown talents out there to fill the holes in the line up. Remember Calgary last year success was not just new coaches, ownership and FA's but they had 15 new guys that were recruited by Barker those guys are by far the biggest reason the turn around for the Stamps. Sure the FA's helped and so did the new managment structure. But Recruitment is the key to fixing the problems and to tell you the truth Taman only recruits sideshow bob's so worry.


....Richard...willl probably enjoy his game in the Peg. when the ALS...show-up....we'll make sure he gets his share of poutine...and other sideorders...no violence of course....but boy is he gonna be in for a ride :lol: :shock:

We have heard this before somewhere I will not mentio nbut it sure sounds the same. Khari Khari sucks shirts now on sale at the stadium! Sorry again rider fans!

Im curious how that will happen given that he is a safety and basically chooses where he goes on the field and is used rarely for a blitz.

Yes Richard will be scared in his boots when he tackles some one! ha ha ha ha

…for extra punishment they’ll never throw to his zone…

You can still sign Khari. Jones is still out there looking to play! Go for it!

:idea: I think Jones should go to Montreal, and he and Richard can become really good friends. Such good friends that Richard names his son after his buddy: Khari Karikari! :lol:

i bet khari would want to come back to the peg afterall hes the last QB that brought us to the GC or a 2nd string to glenn

if you think he won't have to come close to a sideline in a particular zone in the stands.....then you are dreamin....all i say is ...Richard BETTER HAVE A GOOD SET OF EAR-PLUGS... :wink:

Theyre gonna heckle him? The team and/or fans are going to heckle the safety? THis is almost as stupid as heckling a guard. Im sure karikari will get all nervous once he intercepts the ball

Well you know what happens when this occurs! We got to see this first hand twice last year with Hank Burris. This only fires up th opposing team I say go for it. The Al’s will love to play in that atmosphere and collect two points.

…oh I never heard of a db. getting heckled before…which games do you go to…we can be one of the LOUDEST stadiums in the league…something that Richard will find out…his nerves are gonna be so bad…there won’t be any interceptions…rather ooops I boobbled another one …damn WPG. fans… :wink:

Ha ha you are too funny if the guy is a pro football player this should not cause any problems but enhance his play. The louder the better for football palyers I would say he is saying bring it on.

...well then you won't mind when the stamps play in WPG....when our sound system guy cranks it up on your teams audibles....I say red....you make sure you inform the refs. of your decision on behalf of your club so we don;t get penalized...cuz after all ...you don;t mind the extra heavy-duty noise...lol lol

Really pappa we are becoming childish now are we. The fact is the refs called it because they were cranking up the sound when the ball was put into play. I did not see this happen at Taylor field. The fans did the noise that to me is not a problem. The rules are there for a reason. It is just too funny when excuses for poor team play you need to use refs calls ! You know your team sucks when you use these types of excuses.

…you keep sayin sucks…did you pick that up off of ol…rickyrawnotso…we don’t need excuses…and our on field play will demonstrate to you exactly what a real turn-around is… :arrow: .