Who should stay? Who should go?

I think its time Wally handed over the reigns to someone else and let them worry about up coming free agents before he goes and does something crazy like not resigning Harris. I think both offence and Defence Coordinators need to be replaced. I would be willing to keep the head coach for another year. Thoughts?

I agree about keeping Tedford. He has to have at least one more year. It would be great to have Harris back in the Lions Den but based on his latest interview I'm wondering if he wants to stay. It sounds like he was not happy with a few things, as in not getting the ball as often as he think he should have gotten it. If he's offered a new contract, accepting it may be conditional to how he expects to be utilized.

Wally handing over the reigns? I'm ambivalent about it.

The Lions will certainly have to make some big improvements/changes. The Stamps are a great team but they owned the Lions in the semi-Final game. When Calgary is minus Hughes and Cornish and end up taking two defensive guys and putting them on the O line and are still able to destroy the Lions it tells you how much work the Lions have ahead of them.

Well, I think its fairly safe to say that Harris will be departing soon. He and the Lions are reported to be far apart, and Harris and Buono have exchanged barbs in the media. Winnipeg appears to be interested in taking a serious look at bringing Harris to his hometown and will probably be willing to offer a large contract.

I'd put money on it! :thup: