who should stay and who should go?...me or ro1313?

Oh, ok R&W, I was afraid it was going to be a pint sized peter-heater for _____________________ insert the name of the person you want here.

....I find that tea cozies can be the most dangerous of all aforementioned weaponry...and that there should be some sort of registry for them...Maybe the new parliament could deal with this HOT issue.. :lol: :idea:

I agree with what most people here are saying neither of you should be banned you both contribute a lot ot the forums. Just swallow your pride and appologize to ro even if you dont mean it its better than losing one of you

I call for a tea cozzie ban. Lets see how many billions we can spend on that.

BTW, Billy, I'm sorry, it was very late last night when I typed that and I just had enough.


.......DG, you taking notes on KK's example?.......


There seems to be some misconception as to why this all took place. In no way is the fact that there was a disagreement with a moderator having any bearing on the events. It is what was said that is at issue.....not who it was said to.....