who should stay and who should go?...me or ro1313?

well…it seems im gonna get banned for this site for fighting with mods.

i had an arguement in with ro1313 this thread: http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB … c&start=45

u can read and judge for yourself who won…but the point is im being banned.

i just wanted to know who should stay and who should go…me or ro1313…ask yourself who contributed positively to this site, and who contributes NOTHING but insults?

whos posts would u rather read?..mine or ro’s?

i think its a simple answer…

D god, shallow your pride and apologize to Ro, I don't want to lose anybody on here. no matter how much you move Ott to QC buggers me, you are a vailable asset of this forum, and it just wouldn't be the same w/o you, so if not for yourself, for the forum!

both of you need to shake hands and make up.

IS the next poll gonna be who is the more childish. I think we all know hwo would win that one.

I hate to agree with kanga, but he's right. It doesn’t matter who's correct, just swallow your pride and apologize.

Billy, shut up, this is serious, I don't want to see either one of these guys leave, they bring so much to the forum that it would be a huge loss to lose either one of them.

and I'm not voting in that poll, sorry.

ad Billy, you spelled "how" wrong.

hahaha. I could care less about this. This is not serious, if you think this is serious you put WAY too much stock on an internet forum.

But the funniest thing I've ever seen is that you tried to correct the word I mispelled, and not only did you yourself have a spelling mistake, but you corrected the word to a completely different word. I mispelled who, not how. The sentence would not make much sense if I said how would it.


one of own best memebers is about to get kicked off the forum, and all you can do is make jokes.

ha ha ha yeah funny, suckatchwan jack ***. :stuck_out_tongue:

if anybody should be kicked off here, it should be YOU!!!!!!!!! 50% of the time you just mock me and the other times are very unimpressive compaired to Dgod or Ro

and we all know why I'm here (to express my opioins, AKA to most on the forum, leading the forum in post numbers), so don't bother use that card on me.

heck, I don't care what happens to me after I make this, I have my website at Myspace.com. I can say the fuck I want there if I get kicked off. and I've lost three of my best mates, lost my dad and my parent's relasionship to a whore, lost my japanese GF of almost 6 years, had a crazy guy abuse me and now I live with 3 roomates that are total *****, all over the last two years. I've lost almost everything, so nothing can shake me!

bring it on!

heck, only reason why I even come on here anymore is becase I give a fuck what you and others think. You should appeasheate that more.

and I come on here becase of my fan base that I have made for myself here, that help me forget how fuck ed up my life has been since I came to this stupid college in this country that is still very forenier to me and has become so fuck ed up since Bush tock office.

so, ya, this site is important to me, and lossing somebody like Dgod (who opions I do respect, like everyones on here, although I don't show it, and god knows I should more often) HURTS LIKE FUCKING HELL!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

one last thing

  1. Do not use offensive language in your posts or in the creation of your username.
  2. Do not flood the forums with postings that, in the forum moderators’ opinion, intentionally irritate or annoy other users of the forums.

I have repeatedly broken these two rules, therefore I think those are grounds of banishment. if your gonna banish Dgod, do me into.

I repect this site too much…

This looks like one of Fred Ziffel's threads.
The Forum is too important for everybody. Some people get a little excited but as long as there is no threats of violence and criminal acts most of the banter should be left alone.

......DG, what's the big deal?.......apparently you insulted a few people (52% of the world's population at last report) so make a kind gesture and apologize.......if you cannot do that, well, that is sad........

I can't believe two worthy posters are getting at it together. I always enjoy each of them's posts and think they are mature people.

Just pass on. Nobody needs to get ban. Keeping the conversation going just makes it bigger than it really is.

The key thing is we are CFL fans who want, first and foremost, for the league to flourish and do well.
A few little jabs here and there in fun are great, I'm the first one that would want to know if I really offended someone. And I've been called a few things on other forums which are really bad, the worst here is "Teabagger" which is fine.
If someone is offended about a particular post, then the person should apologize even if he didn't mean to offend someone but on the other hand, people shouldn't be so sensitive that they go overboard. Common sense prevails. This is a sports forum by the way, not a seat at the opera or the local ladies knitting club, talk is going to get a bit rough around the edges from time to time and this is ok, just no personal derogatory remarks that go to someones ethnicity or racial background, these types of things.

......as a member of the local knitting club I am highly offended by your comments Earl......

My sincere apologies R&W for offending you, please accept my sincerest apologies, I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it. 8)

BTW, what kinda stuff do you knit?

...okay Im going to wade into this....probably a mistake....Two people who love the CFL...should be able to agree to disagree....take all comments with a grain of salt....and try not to be so serious...I would say 99.9% of all posters on here... love this league...and everyone including me... get a little over exhuberant at times...with regard to their team and also related topics...We can all get a little heated...but c'mon guys remember ...this is supposed to be fun and entertainment first....I don't think either of you guys should leave the site....so I am not voting....I hope you can resolve your differences and carry on ....just my thoughts.. :slight_smile:

I'm not voting either pap as you say.

......I didn't vote either.......for what it's worth.....

.......mostly protective storage cocoons for my various unregistered automatic assault rifles and handheld projectile launching weapons......and tea cozies........

I wont vote....Both are good contributors to this forum. Third kind of summed up my feelings as well.

I hope both of you can work out your differences!

......I doubt though our popular opinion will have any effect here boys......seems like CFL.pm has deemed DG's actions as ban-worthy lest an apology be offered......his fate lies within his own ability to control.....