Who should start???

I change my answer every 5 seconds... I'm at a loss.

Both current guys are so bad that neither deserves to.
Reggie McNeal all seriousness aside should get the nod.

Could he do any worse?

:thup: Exactly my point.

Reggie is on the injured list... http://www.argonauts.ca/roster/index/team/7/sort/last

That's why he's not included in the poll.

Toronto should pass on 3rd down.

Wasn't it great back in the day when we had a reliable backup like Ricky Foggie that you could just toss in there on a whim?

I voted for Joseph, was surprised he did not win the poll. Until you are mathematically out of the playoffs you should start Joseph. The idea that this new guy is even going to be in a Argo uniform next year is highly unlikely. You will bring in 30 QB`s and not find a CFL caliber starting qb.

i love how its always about blaming the qb in toronto. YOU HAVE NO RECEIVERS lol wave bye bye to brucey and now you got no one...i only watched the first quarter and PK Sam was brutal...they run themselves in coverage...edmonton is not a good pass D but your receivers make it easy for any team...joseph has to force throws lol or hed get sacked everytime cause nobody gets open or if by some miracle the stars align and they do find some space...they drop the ball. kj is 10000x better than pickett. pickett is brutal dump him find a good receiver or two and watch what happens to joseph. he`ll complete passes and than once that happens and the D has to back off a little with the LB and pass rush harder with the Dline than youll see him run for big gains. other than jamal robertson kerry is the best athlete you have on offense anyways.

How about the Argo mascot!
Can't be any worse than what's pretending to be a qb for the Argos!


I can’t say I disagree… The receiving core is brutal & failure isn’t 100% on the QBs. However Joseph throws more picks than TDs & that indicates poor decision making skills. Picket is also brutal. I think this is the end for both of those guys (at least as an Argo). Neither one looks like the future of the team & they need to start exploring new options.

Put in Jason!!!

I'd tend to agree. . . I think Kerry Joseph may very well be done. . .and I haven't seen anything in Pickett that would lead me to believe that he has the potential to be a decent starting QB in this league. . . but yes, it's hard to get an accurate read on either of them with that poor offensive scheme, weak O-line, and weak receiving corps.

The only thing Toronto has on offense is a good running back. Everything else is in shambles. You’re looking at a 2-3-year rebuild IMO, and that’s assuming Rita & Mohns are fired and Andrus is forced to hire a CFL-ready O.C.