Who should start?

As we all know, in B.C. you guys have a little quarterback controversy. My question is who do you see leading your team to the Cup?
I wish you guys good luck against Edmonton this weekend, and hopefully we will see a Rider/Lion Grey Cup, especially after the West Finaly last year, which was probably one of the best games I’ve seen in a while, along with the two already this year.

Hey bigi, in my mind this is a no-brainer. Printers is the guy I would go with, unless he really blows tonight. I can't see that happening though. A Rider/Lion Grey Cup would be quite the novelty. I think Toronto may have a lot to say about that happening though.

Go with the QB with the hot hand. Question answered?

Wally has GOT to start Dave v.s. Saskatchewan. Just look at thier records as starters:
Dave is 11-1 as a starter and has a 70+ % completion rate. Before his injury Dave NOT Casey was the front-runner for the league MOP.
Casey has lost 2 of the last three and has only looked good against suspect defenses (Winnipeg & Montreal). Plus he couldn't rally the troops against WInnipeg in Winnipeg. Tonight against a good Edmonton D he struggled at times and SHOULD have been pulled in the 3rd quarter.

This is Dave's team and he SHOULD start next week.

If Dickenson was playing last night, he’d have been on his back all game long. Printers had to scramble all night long to escape the pass rush. If Dickenson had played, we wouldn’t have had to wait until the final second to determine the winner of the game. The Esks would have had it won long before that.

With that said, I think Dickenson is better at delivering the short pass than Printers, which could have made a difference last night. If the Lions O line gave the QB more time or Dickenson could escape the pass rush like Printers, I would say play Dickenson myself.

This is not about who’s the better QB. This is about the porous O line. The Lions need a QB who can escape the pass rush, because the O line isn’t good enough to keep the defenders away from the QB.

Last night, one thing I noticed, was that on the shorter passes, CP was successful. It was the long passes that the recievers couldn't get to. Most of the time, CP delivered the ball well, it was the reciever that didn't hold on to it.

Against EE, the 10-15 yd pass seems to be the most effective, and that is what the Leos should have stuck with.

That is true about Casey's passing last night, but I think Dickenson's short pass game is better than Printers. Generally, Casey's long ball game is better than Dave's, although that was not the case last night. I think that was due to a combination of poor execution by Printers and good pass protection by the Eskies.

With regard to the penalties you mentioned in another thread, it obviously played a part in the game, because the Leos seemed to get them at critical moments in the game and the Eskies didn't. The penalties didn't lose us the game though, it was the Printer's interception near the end of the first half that led to the Eskies' field goal and not stopping the Eskies' drive in the final minute of the game that sealed the deed.

Those 3 points to end the first half - that stung. The Leos should have played it safe and run the clock out.

Agreed, and at the end, the Leos should have gone for the tie, and OT, rather than a huge pass that got picked.

I just hope whoever starts, that if they can't get the job done Wally makes a quick switch and not wait too long!

Me too, but considering Wally’s history, I wouldn’t count on it.

I thin it would be an amazing game to have a Sask/BC Greycup. At least for western fans. Not sure it would be good for the league.

The BC Quarterback controversy is really a tough one to call. Dickensen has the experience in the big games and yet Printers has the flash and energy to move the team.

The game against Saskatchewan on Saturday will go a long way n determining who will lead, IF we get to the Grey Cup. :lol:

I would like to see Wally do what he did last year (Grey Cup excluded). Last year he would start with one QB and if that player was ineffective, he would put in the other, which seemed to get it done. Now, this change was most often done under the premise of an injury to whomever started that game, but nonetheless it worked. You will notice that Good 'ole Stuborn Wally didn't do this in the Grey Cup and that cost them the game.

Of course Wally accepts no blame for the loss.

Seems to me if a QB is struggling, you leave him in until you can make half time adjustments. If he can't make something happen by the end of his second offensive series, it is time to pull him and put the other guy in if he is healthy - even if it is just for a few series. This potentially lets the starter re-group and get a different perspective of what the opposing defence is doing. But if the back-up is getting it done, obviously you leave him in.