Who should start on Thursday?

who should be # 1


wheres Michna? lol sorry

i would defenitly start quinn, he actually moved the ball vs edmonton, unlike banks who had 3 whole quarters to do it.

I'd go with Quinn.


Quinn, as long as he is healthy, otherwise go with Banks. Quinn has looked very good in practice and really if the guy wants to be a starter at any time in his career, this is his opportunity, I cant see him messing it up unless he has no talent, but that just isnt the case.

what a stupid thread quinn is way better than banks

easy pick for me, Quinn

I was hoping for Tee Martin! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

he's not with the team anymore.

quinn is a BUm, what did he do against the BC/ NOTHING, 3-4 interceptions, for Godds a BC lineman stole the ball from his hand, worst qb ever, Banks is better than that.

How bad is Banks?

Quinn had a bad game, shclit happens, if he doesnt show improvement bring on Banks.

Quinn was absolutely brutal last night. I know he was just back from injury, and I know it was his first game in the CFL, and I know he hadn't actually started a game in something like eight years, but goddamn it, that was one of the worst quarterback outings I've seen in the league in quite some time. Worse than Spergon Wynn, worse than Kevin Eakin, flat-out awful. Quinn is 30 years old, fer chrissake, he's not a rookie. He's bounced around with multiple NFL teams and this is what he comes up with? I wasn't expecting him to win the game or pass for 300 yards, but I was expecting him to move the chains a few times, establish some kind of rhythm with his receivers, not look like a frightened kid playing with boys twice his height and weight, and NOT TURN THE BALL OVER EVERY OTHER FRICKING PLAY, ESPECIALLY RIGHT AFTER YOUR DEFENSE HAS STEPPED UP BIGTIME AND FORCED A B.C. TURNOVER.

Aaaarg! I'm not even a Bombers fan, but last night's game was 3 hours of my life I'll never get back. Horrible.