Who should start at reciever?

Is it just me or does the Blue Bombers recieving core have a lot of unused talent? Why do these guys insist on playing mediocre guys that never come up with that neccessary first down catch? You can’t win games relying on the 40-yard bomb every down. Maybe this year the coaching staff will have enough brains to play the right guys. In my opinion the best recievers on the team are:

  1. Milt Stegall-face it, the guy’s great.
  2. Jamie Stoddard-not in the same category as Cahoon or Vaugn but when you need a clutch catch for a first, this is your guy.
  3. Derek Smith-more than just his number reminds me of Arland Bruce III. This guy is a huge playmaker.
  4. Robert Gordon-getting old, but can still play.
  5. Wane McGarity-was good in Calgary, but now with a decent quarterback, whoever that may be come regular season, the guy is going to be great.
  6. Charles Roberts-he may be a running back, but dump the ball off on a screen play, and instant 15 yards.

As for Kamau Peterson, all I can remeber about the guy from last season was “oh, shit, he dropped it again” whenever they threw to him. Get rid of this guy and stop playing guys that nobody has ever heard of, like that Colon(#16). The Bombers could have one of the deadliest recieving cores in the league, if they play the right guys.

Starting Recievers should be
Milt, Magarity, Peterson, Stoddard, Smith.
I think with the depth at reciever this year the bomber will be able to use some six reciever sets, by throwing out Stokes or Vinny Sutherland. Not many teams use the six pack, but it really works against team were the linebackers are not that good in coverage. I remember it must of been the first game the Khari Jones started they used it and were basically unstoppable.

agree with alot of your picks Rocky; here’s mine:
1. McGarity; this guy if he has got his act together, could easily be the top receiver.
2. Jamie Stoddard; always liked this clutch guy…should get the ball more often…
3. Milt Stegall; just the MAN on the receiving corps…losing a step or two though but he’s in such great shape he might lead the ‘big blue’ in catches.
4. Kamau Peterson; lots of potential if ever peaks this year watch-out.
5. Derek Smith; another guy like Petersen who hasn;t hit his stride yet.
6. Vinny Sutherland; got to prove he can play up here. They say good things about him though.
7. Breedlove; looked good with Hamilton SOMETIMES.
The rest ;Stokes should be thrown in the game as receiver more often just to mix things up. If they can hit him in the open field running…goodbye. Roberts is more of a running threat but he can catch and go. I doubt whether Robert Gordon will be back but you never know. Seems arena ball holds more of an interest for him now. :arrow:

Milt, Breedlove, K9, and wane right now.
Sutherland, and stoddard will be the guys that can steal a spot. D smith isn’t that good. He had a sick, 1 td last year. He hit the wall. And thats ok. If your a young player. He was 28 last year, and he’s had 2 knee surgerys. He has allways been injury riddled. Thats why he ended up here. robert gordon is done. And gone. He is under contract with an afl team again. Taman doesn’t want him back. He thinks he should automatically be a starter. No matter what.
Stoddard is good. But not a great player. He’s a level under wane and well under bredlove.
K9 had a rough year last year. But was still a bunch better than jamie. Jamie is a fine back up though.
Keith stokes is also a very good wr.

the starting recivers should be

  1. milt stegall
    2.kamau peterson
    3.jamie stodarred
    4.Keith stokes
    5.Wayne magarity
    6.derrik smith

Milt and Stoddard are shoe-ins. Milt, because he’s the only surehanded Bomber receiver and Stoddard because his motor never stops running. Also, you need Stoddard to keep the Canadian/American ratio to free up a spot for an import on the O-line. Personally I think Derrick Smith and Wane McGarity are both pretty hit and miss. McGarity was notorious for dropping passes at key turning points in the game last season with the Stamps, and that’s the last thing this team needs. Kamau was a real let down last year too, he played soft. Personally, I’m hoping that Vinny Sutherland turns out to be something special, and hopefully Gilles Colon, Demetrius Breedlove and possibly Patrick Thibeault can step in as a couple sure-handed guys. On opening day I think they should go with Milt, Stoddard, Kamau, McGarity and Stokes, and if McGarity and Kamau decide to come down with a case of the dropsies Daley shouldn’t hesitate to take them out and put in somebody else with a little fire in the belly.

I just hope whoever plays receiver stops doing those childish dances in the end zone after a TD. It isn’t entertaining and the spectacle they put on suggests that they have never been there before or expect to be there again. Guys, have a little pride in your abilities.

Who’s this other new guy who I saw in teh Free Press starting over Stoddard?

That’s Scott Cloman. A last minute cut from the Eskimos camp. He’s 6’3, 215, and the Bombers picked him up because he put up some good numbers in NFL Europe and he’s a big target. If he fails to impress I would assume Stoddard would take his place.