Who should start at QB against the Redblacks?

Assuming Drew Willy is healthy for the next game, who should start at quarterback against the Redblacks?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny voted for Jeff Matthews. Matthews has a much stronger arm than Willy, and can connect on long and intermediate passes.

We know who Willy is. Let's give Matthews a chance.

Choix difficile. D'un cĂŽtĂ© Matthews a tenu le fort et est un prospect pouvant ĂȘtre dĂ©veloppĂ© pour devenir meilleur. De l'autre, Adams Jr semble plus mobile et physique, en plus d'avoir dĂ©jĂ  une relative expĂ©rience par rapport Ă  Matthews, mais ne pourra probablement pas assimiler le livre de jeu d'ici vendredi. Je doute que le quart puisse fondamentalement changer l'issue du match contre Ottawa, mais je vais quand mĂȘme dire Adams Jr, ne serait-ce que pour sa meilleure mobilitĂ© (aspect crucial Ă  la vue de la ligne protectrice chancelante). Dans les deux cas nous serons en meilleure posture qu'avec Willy.

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Matthews, on a short-ish leash, with some change of pace plays pre-planned for Adams ... Hill too if Willy is out.

No surprise ... the official story, for now at least, from Mike Sherman and the Als is:
"I believe it was a neck and shoulder injury"

Not exactly an embarrassment of riches, is it?

As I understand it, Wee Willy Winkie is going through the concussion protocol; no way of knowing if he will be ready. If he is, and there are no apparent setbacks, I would at least start him. He did get in a couple of good downfield passes. Had the receivers been able to hang on to other good throws, we might have run up the score a little better.

That said, this looks like another (long sigh!) season where the Als have to experiment to see who can lead this team. I don’t think it’s Winkie nor the other two for that matter, but they’re wearing an Als’ uni, so they should at least be given a shot.

Not a ringing endorsement, but the state of things in Als-land for the last five years has caused me to “Curb my Enthusiasm”.

If Shiltz is ready that`s the guy I'd like to see. If not then Matthews deserves the start. We know Matthews is smart, he has a decent arm, but I remember the issue with him has been inaccuracy. Kind of like Alex Brink.

However if we don`t fix the o-line we will be down to Fugate in no time.

Matthews to start, Adams #2.

Willy, you can sit this one. Take all the time you need.

Yes, please Willy, think of your health.

Take all season if you must.

Boxcar Willy has amazing recuperative powers - especially when he feels his job (and game cheques) are threatened . . . .

But he's a laboriously sluggish performer with an above average long arm - little to no touch on his short to mid-game and a propensity to take sacks (little to no elusivity)

I think you're exactly right toney. Matthews should get the node, and I wouldn't be shocked if Adams took a snap, or two... or three or four. Just watched the game again, and considering how many reps Matthews has received in practice, I thought he handled himself well. He managed the game well. Our coaches kept it simple for me, but he still made decent reads and got rid of the ball. He sees the field, and he knows when to throw the ball away, which was huge in defensive battle we were in.

Defense and special teams were much improved over last week, we do want to see improvement, right?. I saw a little bit.Mike Sherman got his first win in game three. He inherited the losing streak, the sparse crowds, a city down on their CFL franchise. They didn't make the mess, but they are being paid... and taxed, to turn things around.

Two bad teams played an entertaining football game. Guess what ?, we won one. We're not the worst team in the league. Last week we were... Thats progress... I'm just saying, the glass isn't empty.

Someone please show Sherman how to get the headset off without having to lift his shirt as long as he had.

That will be progress :wink:

Yes I saw that, it was comical.

Brought a tear to my eye.

Matthews is a complete waste of time. Pin hopes on Adams if you bail on Willy

Good one Tony! That was a little weird to watch, especially when some guy helped him.

Gave a new meaning to winning ugly.

I'm just curious. What specifically don't you like about him ?. We all like what we like. I'm not sold on Matthews because I haven't seen enough of him personally. I did see some things I liked vs the Riders. I like him better than I like Willy, as I don't see a LEADER when I when Willy in the huddle. Matthews, in his short stint, showed more enthusiasm than Willy does.

We had a time count violation because Matthews wasn't quick enough getting the play called, his pace was slow. I liked that he showed his frustration by spiking the ball into the turf. I like EMOTION in my players. Not negative demonstration like Duron Carter, but caring about being less than you expect of your own play.

I agree with what you said, I think Adams is a better long term option, but I'm gonna give this staff time to "develop" the new guys we have at QB and on both side of the ball. Sherman wasn't part of this franchise the last five years. Campbell, Westerman, White, Burnett ?. These guys are winners. I think they can win here. You can change the culture in the lockerroom, but folks around here (fans) are shell shocked, I'm not. Its just Football.

So why don't you feel good about Matthews ?.

Didier Orméjuste ???

Drew Willy (haut du corps) n’est pas à l’entraünement. Jeff Mathews s’entraüne au poste de quart partant.

Drew Willy (upper body) is not at practice. Jeff Mathews is practicing with the starters. #Alouettes @LCFca @CFL

In my opinion the issue with Mathews has been his lack of accuracy in the past. But I would still rather see him than Adams, which shows how high an opinion I have of Adams.

But at the risk of repeating myself, the o-line better start protecting the QB and Jones has to start moving the pocket.

Other notes from practice from Didier - Blake is absent replaced by Fulton, and Shiltz has returned to practice.