Who should start as QB?

Who should start as QB?

Timmy Chang should be starting. Maas has had a year and two games to prove that he can start and obviously he can't. It's time for a fresh start and that should begin with the Quarterback. Maas can't get it done, we should give Chang three or four games, and if he doesn't get it done, give the ball to Williams.

I voted for Maas, but on a short leash.

I’ve written off last year and look at a post-surgery Maas as a QB who deserves a second chance.

However, he has to show something. I thought he did in the preseason game, but not in the first two reguular season games.

I’m also a little concerned about throwing Chang into the fire, although I think he just might be up to it.

Chang on a short leash. Maas needs to sit and watch. I would like to see chang start to see if there is a difference ,but with richie as back up. Put some fear into maas.

Chang was my vote. Maas had enough chances with 2 games.. oh, and all of last year!

Ah week 1 of the annual ticats.ca "who should start at qb" poll.

Nice to see we didn't lose the tradition. I knew I could count on you guys. :wink:


Question is: What took so long? :wink:

This wait and see thing Taaffe is giving the media now means Chang will start IMHO. So he doesn't look the fool in a couple weeks when Change officially gets the #1 job for good. You watch!

Honestly thought this would have been week 2 of the annual poll.

Chang Time!

Maas to start Chang to come in in the 2nd 1/4. Use Maas to help Chang get up to speed.
DO not start Chang yet losing is much harder to take if you are the starter.
Let him get comfortable in there before you name him the starter.

Maas...100% The whole game.

OH!.... and find an O-line that works.

Time for a Chang.

Chang & Williams as 1-2. Both mobile, both can throw deep ball.etc. Maas can join Allen and wait for a new franchise in Ottawa

in 3033 There not going to be a Team in Ottawa for a long time now

To the two people that said Maas all game, do you want us to get destroyed again? Maas is the worst QB in the league, he should not have a job. It's not like he's young and going to improve. He's in his thirties and more than likely done for his career. Give it to Chang and Williams (the young guns).

i voted timmy chang

i think chang can put points on the board if he starts and plays the whole game

and i think if we can stop going 2 and out and keeping our defence on the field then our defence will do fine

Maas has had more than a fair chance. Maas has never looked comfortible in Hamilton.What do we have to lose?Last year he was a huge disappointment and this year he looks even worse.Coache Taffe keeps saying our offense has not developed any personality and your QB is the MOST important factor ,when your starting QB throws for more yardage to the opposing team,than you have a big problem and a huge leadership and confidence problem.Timmy Chang comes in with no baggage and huge enthusiaism and inspires his team,Let's give him the same opportunity that jason Maas was given and then judge him.Like my earlier post said that by game 4 Maas & Shaw and Brock will not be starting or even on the team.!