Who should sit out?

I'm thinking burris should sit almost all of both games.
Lewis should give up most of his time to Arthur
if thalwel is healthy let him in fir a few reps
get lumsden to take some of cotes' reps.
Rest as many d lineman as possible

Basicly do what Montreal did last year. It helped them win by resting guys in meaningless games.
It would be a great opertunity to see all the guys on the practice roster and such play some serious reps. Especially against the peg. They are hurting. Put landry back in.

No offense, but I couldn't disagree more. I thinks this team right now needs serious work as a team. They need to approach the last two games of the season as important ones to build some confidence and momentum going into the west final, and I don't think you do that by resting your best players. They need to fix a few problems first. And also, if you rest them too much, they'll be rusty after the bye week.
If they're up by 20 pts at the half then maybe take out players that have nagging injuries. But I think they need to win both games to have their best game in the west final.

Definately not offended! I'm just happy someone else posts on here once in a while. I do realize the last two games have confidence ramifications. I always fear players getting hurt at the end of season. Especially against a Winnipeg team who is playing for employment next season. Hamilton is an important game since we could see them again in Edmonton.

Yeah, if anyone got injured it would be awful, but i think it's worth the risk keeping them out there. They need everyone to get some game-speed practice (and hopefully not spot the ticats 15 or 20 points in the first quarter!) But definitely anyone who's playing hurt should sit.
Looking forward to this one, i still sting from Franklin's dropped pass...