Who should Riders recruit to play QB.?


It is apparent the Riders need a veteran to at least back up if not lead the Riders down the stretch after the unfortunate injury to D.D.
Who from the following list would be your choice if you were the G.M.:

  1. Brett Favre
  2. Anthony Calviho
  3. Matt Dunigan
  4. Justin Bieber
  5. Kerry Joseph
  6. Roberto Luongo
  7. Jordan Maas
  8. Buck Pierce
  9. Manny Pacquio
  10. Jeff Garcia
  11. David Braley
  12. Rod Black

Select your picks and explain rationale.

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Cleo Lemon, because he fits so well with the Rider's style.

I wouldn't be surprised to see KJ come in like he did for Edmonton.

What? No Tim Tebow?

Now you're just being silly. :?

How about Tim Thibault? Didn't he play for Laval?

This is the price you pay for not grooming a reliable back up. They're going to have to stick with what they've got and hope they can win another game or two.

This is obvious.

Danny Maciocia of course. He's a great impersonator, first as a head coach, so QB should be a breeze. :wink:

...I say this mostly tongue-in-cheek although if it actually came about it would be awesome, but the rider QB situation should be handled like a Vince Papale story....the organization holds a local try-out and discovers a rider fan who can actually play ball, rags to riches story...

Turkeybend, the new Riders QB! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

You don't consider Drew Tate or Drew Willy reliable?

I would think it is more likely, the price you pay for gambling on your starters durability and freeing cap dollars to spend on other positions.

Tough question,let me think…hmmmmmmmmm,AHA ! I’VE GOT IT !!! How about giving that crazy squirrel a call,you know the guy Rocky Butler,and if he isn’t available then try to sign up his best buddy Bullwinkle :thup: or better yet see if you can get them both to sign up.The scouting report on Rocky says he can really fly and that Bullwinkle is the size of a moose.Ya never know ? These two guys just might save your season :lol:


Ted White?


He looks good in green,sign him up :thup: :thup: :rockin:


a stock boy from the nearest supermarket

I might actually like the Riders if they sign him!

Actually behind Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Hamilton; the Riders are my favourite team! :cowboy: