Who should replace Joe Paopoa ?

Who should replace Joe Paopoa ? Greg Marshall, Bob O'Billovich, Kent Austin ? Russ Jackson ?

Dave Ritchie

you would be wise to pick him up if you can. i know i miss him being in the peg. you can have daley if you would like!

Kent Austin will still be in Toronto if we have our way

Personally, I would love to see Forrest Greg do it. I believe this guy has so many contacts

I'm surprised no one mentionned Greg Marshall. He's been great to watch from the stands. He looks like he can really fire up a team!

Supposedly, in the Citizen today, they are saying that it will be John Jenkins. And that ET will become GM once again.

Greg Marshall is a good guy, but lately his defence hasn't played up to par, don't know if it's all on him, but i'd rather him with defence and have someone new as head coach.

I can't believe they are thinking of replacing Joe Poapoa with John Jenkins. When are these bozos going to hire someone with an established no nonsense winning background, like say, Bob O'billivich, or Dave Ritchie, or Kent Austin, or...... John Jenkins ? Jesus Christ !!!! The citizen reports that this guy is "eccentric" and likes the Run and Shoot offence !!! Great !!!! A nut case who wants to use an offence that doesn't work. The last time Ottawa used the Run n' Shoot, it destroyed J.C. Watts and started the real downfall of the Ottawa Rough Riders. Believeme, I was there. TO FORREST GUMP AND JOHN JENKINS :IT DOESN'T WORK. LOSERS. The Rough Riders had no consistency when they used it and it destroyed them. We are in 2005, not 1985. Jenkins was FIRED FROM THE STAMPS BECAUSE THEY WERE AWFUL. So what does Lonie et al want to do ? Bring in someone who has never been a head coach in the CFL, who wants to bring in a useless offensive strategy. Way to frigging go. Here we go again.

What is wrong with Joe Paopao? Is he an offensive or defensive type of coach. If he is offensive, send him to Saskatchewan, we wouldnt mind getting rid of Bellfeulle!!!

Hey... Has anyone hear anything from the team? I haven’t and I think it could be a well placed rumour to get us off our last 2 very important games.

The reason behind the conspiracy theory…

The team neither acknowledges nor denies it. The story is that John Jenkins approached a certain CFL coaching staff member if he would be interested in coming to Ottawa next season.

All of a sudden, someone places a call and alerts the local media that he has been approach for a coaching job and WAM, everyone is talking about it, stirring up all sorts of dust before the most important 2 games of the season, getting the Ottawa coaching staff off their game plan.

My theory... The call came from Danny Barret and the Greenrider organization…

Alert the RCMP!!! Call in CSIS!!! They’re trying to throw us off our game for the crossover to happen.

Seriously… they could have started this after the GC game.