who should pick in 2008 Draft #1

Woodson & Sorenson have already been top notch starters in DI ball and both are huge O-linemen; not sure about the other O-linemen there.

Emry is playing CIS ball for UBC this season.

Maybe not the greatest crop of US college ball Canucks for the 08 CFL draft compared to some other years. Might be a stronger than average CIS crop OTOH, but kinda early to tell maybe - some good CIS RBs and (gasp) QBs should be up for next year's draft, but the CFL deep thinkers won't have use for them except maybe as fullback "projects".
The Ticats being still in rebuilding mode (again, take 2) should be thinking about next year's draft. It might make sense to trade the 1st overall pick if they're really happy with the NIs they have now AND if you can get a top notch starter in a position of need in return for the pick - not so sure that's so easy to make happen though - Wally is not about to trade a Geroy Simon for any CFL draft pick(s).

Call Tillman see who he wants , pick that player trade him away and then cut whomever we trade for.........

While it is still a bit early to prognosticate about the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft, Ticat fans are more focused on next year than the fans of the other CFL teams that are still playing meaningful games and competing for the Grey Cup. Here are two names among the many talented players that will be available in the draft.

If the Ticats want to choose a defensive player with their first pick in the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft, linebacker Shea Emry (6-1, 235) is worth considering. He played at Eastern Washington from 2004 through 2006. He was redshirted in 2004. In 2005, he became a special teams ace and a backup linebacker. In 2006, he progressed to starting middle linebacker. In 2007, Emry decided to return to Canada and was the starting middle linebacker for the UBC Thunderbirds this year.
At least one article indicates that he has 4.5 speed. Other articles suggest that his head coaches at Eastern Washington and UBC have both been impressed with his hitting, speed and intelligence.

Working in a Canadian linebacker such as Shea Emry or Ray Mariuz at training camp would allow the team to work David Lofton (6'4" 220, 4.48 speed) into the safety position. Lofton was in fact a safety during his college career at Stanford but will need a lot of work at camp to convert to a CFL safety.

If the Ticats want to choose an offensive player with their first draft pick, offensive tackle Justin Sorensen (6'7", 323) is worth a look. He has been the starting right offensive tackle for South Carolina since the middle of the 2006 season. The upside, apart from his impressive size, is that he is playing in a pro-style offence coached by former NFL coach Steve Spurrier and is doing roughly the same amount of pass blocking and run blocking. However, the downside is that he might not be available until 2009 and some NFL teams will be more interested in a player trained in the offensive system of a former NFL coach.

It will be interesting to see which players move to the front of the 2008 CFL draft class after the NFL Combine and the CFL Evaluation Camp are completed next spring.

Nice work by TCTD and DoubleBlue. Sorenson at South Carolina reminds me of Dyakowski. Both right tackles and large mobile lads. We drafted Pavlovic (tight end) from South Carolina last year.
If I were Marcel, I’d keep the first pick and go O line or D line. I also wonder if the Cats have considered making Bekasiak an O lineman like the Colts have done with Federkeil who was a D lineman with the Calgary Dinos. Your first overall pick is an important building block and therefore should be used wisely.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

It's obvious that we are hurting at DB. There are not decent DBs available in the draft therefore we trade the pick for an experienced DB.
What about Corey Banks?

Nobody is going to trade banks or simon (especially the lions) for #1 pick in the Canadian draft.

Draft the best player available regardless of position (apart from QB).

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