who should pick in 2008 Draft #1

Okay since we know we have the 1st Pick in 2008 Draft
who is there to pick and who should we take #1.

Or Should we deal the pick and player
for Some Wide out help

I've always thought the CFL draft is over-rated. Only on occassion has the draft warranted any excitement. Lumsden was a fun one. But this year Bauman...not very productive and Bekasiak (spelling?)...bench warmer...scouting needs to be our strength. I just hope they don't draft another FB.

Well, what did you seriously expect out of them? Sidney Crosby had to adjust to the next level to.....

Quarterbacking has been our problem all year, not drafting.....Unfortunately, I dont see any definite big game receivers in the years crop....I predict we take an O-linemen or trade the pick.....Daryl Stephenson's stock is dropping which could be a story to follow....I think a QB will win the Hec Crighton this year, so it's doubtfull we'll have 2 hec winners available

This pick is huge, in the future of this team, ,maybe a qb no one else chanced on or maybe a great future home brew at SB?R.W? Marcel stated they are looking to upgrade reciever core!!!

The best available O-Lineman who can come in right away and start (preferably replacing Woodard).

Trade the first pick overall to B.C for the rights to Geroy Simon as soon as this year is over, giving us enough time before the free agent market opens to sign him before the Argos stick there nose in there.

I'm going Oline. At some point you need solid canadian starters at o line. Not too mention canadian O linemen are like gold in trade value.

First round pick and?

A BC fan told me that Geroy isnt a free agent and laughed at the Cats fans that think hes coming here.... although im not sure whether or not he is my friend was quite sure he wasnt.

I say we trade Peter Dyakowski & The 2008 Top Pick for Geroy Simon..

We Still have a Surplus of Good Young OLine
Beside I think George Hudson Is better fit Here.
There also good Group of OLine Coming into the CFL Draft
we can take with a 2nd Round Pick

I like Peter a lot and he hard Player to lose.
He is a Great young Kid but need Help at WR.

I need to see who is available for the upcoming draft as I would always draft the best athlete not necessarily the position of greatest need. If we could get Simon for Dyakowski & the 1st pick go for it but I'm sure Wally will want more from Marcel based on what he (Marcel) has given other teams for players with a lot less talent than Geroy.

Supposed to be a very good draft year for O-linemen coming up - a number of US college ball guys and a couple of top CIS linemen; BUT - the Ticats have plenty of young O-linemen already on the roster (Ince & Rempel from last year's draft who haven't even played yet, along with the young guys playing now) - how long are you supposed to keep drafting O-linemen year after year? - stupid roster thinking but typical for a lot of CFL old boys who can only think within the box with regards to NIs and the roster. A CFL team should pretty well always be able to address roster needs thru the draft and hope to find a player who can come into TC and compete for starter/playing time or at least be a good back-up who makes the active roster (i.e. dresses).

The Ticats, IMO, have some needs at: OLB(another play-maker to go with Moreno & Armour, though Mariuz might do that job well if given more playing time); DB - aside from Cody, there's lots of room there - maybe get a big-hitter safety that could allow Cody to go back to D-half where he's much better (but again, i think they have one on the roster now in Beveridge but i guess he lacks something on his resume to this genius staff???); punter - Setta is a good FG kicker but not a good enough punter - a smart CFL team has separate guys for these jobs unless you have one guy who is very good at both; receiver - particularly a big, sure handed guy for slotback (and this should maybe be the #1 priority for the 08 draft); also - another big power RB to back-up Lumsden and in case he gets hurt again (Caulley is impressive and a nice change of pace/moves & speed guy but not the same big back if they want to continue to have an offence that believes in power run game with a fullback or TE supporting) - Stephenson (Windsor) and Giffin (Queens) are 2 big very impressive power backs who should be up in the draft.

NO NEED to draft a fullback (they already have Radlein & Piercy - 2 good ones, plus Dickerson who can play there, and besides they don't use fullback that much anyways). And they really don't need any new O-linemen with the log jam of young guys they have now - unless there is some sure fire star there who they are sure will report to TC on time). But, I wouldn't be suprised to see Marcel & co. draft another O-lineman or a back-up fullback with early draft picks.

This should be a classic case of:
1st pick for sale to the highest bidder.

We are over-loaded at the typical "Canadian positions"

Good young talent at fullback, O-Line and D-Line.

Hurtin bad for DBs and receivers.
Whoever has the best to offer, the 1st pick is yours!

I agree with trading it, Canadian talent is not an issue with this team.

Draft an O-lineman because that's a position Canadians can succeed at in the CFL. Canadians get picked in this draft, so whoever said draft a QB is nuts. As for WR, DB, and DL go out and sign some good Americans to play those spots. We have more than enough Canadian WRs and D-linemen. LB is a possibility for a Canadian but unlikely as every Canadian we try out there just ends up as a special teamer.

Maybe an experienced receiver can be traded for the pick. I know that has already been mentioned but it doesn't have to be Geroy. Paris Jackson? How about one of the Winnipeg guys?

Just pick the fastest player in the draft
because that's where the team lack's,
Ralph is not consistant and armstead
hasn't show his speed.

I first said that we should draft a Canadian O-Lineman with the first overall pick, but honestly, with rookies Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski, Rempel and Ince already Ticats (as well as vets Hage, Hudson and Donnelly), I think we have enough bodies there. The rooks just have to play BETTER, which they will next year, because they will be more experienced.

Now I agree that, if we can, we should trade the #1 pick for a starting receiver, defensive tackle or defensive back. I think we used 2007 to "train" a lot of promising rooks, and we should look to 2008 as the year when we are adding quality starters to our core of key players, and taking a real run at it.

The strength of this years draft would seem to be O-Linemen, but most of the good ones in the US colleges have another year of elgibility so won't be available until 2009.
Justin Sorenson 6'07 323 South Carolina, Thind Gurminder 6'04 293 South Carolina,
Tom Kaczmarek 6'05 315 Michigan State,
Jon St. Pierre 6'03 325 Illinois State,
Andrew Woodruff 6'03 330 Boise State,
Jon Gott 6'03 294 Boise State,
Jesse Newman 6'04 309 Louisianna-Lafayette,
Greg Wojt 6'04 285 Central Michigan,
would appear to be the top Canadian linemen at US colleges and have a good chance to all be starters by at least their senior (2008) year.
History shows us that if they're not good enough to start they very seldom make it to the starter role in the CFL.
I don't think there is any Jabari Arthur's available in this year's draft, but WR Matt LaGrace 6'01 175 at Harvard might becaome a useful receiver.
DT Keith Shologan 6'02 290 Central Florida and LB Shea Emry 6'01 230 Eastern Washington should be CFLers as well.
As previously mentioned there is also some good CIS players available as well.

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