Who Should Perform at the 109th Grey Cup Halftime Show in Saskatchewan?

Last year I had a similar topic like this and the Super Bowl halftime is in the next few days. I think the next Grey Cup organizers should go Country, but make it big like a Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift. None of the small time hometown acts that only the locals know about. Make the halftime show better this time around.



Arcade Fire. Out of left field I know. But they are a great group. Not to old. Not too new. Mostly Canadian but not all Canadian. Just like the CFL


If you don't know who the Arkells are you aren't "just one of the locals"... You're probably just old.

My vote is always for The Killers.


Glen Suitor hands down Grey Cup Halftime Act

solves so many issues in the last two games .

Then we can have play by play in a crucial part of the grey cup game by not interviewing himself .

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I heard of the Arkells. They aren't any good . I supports the Arts, but they have to be talented.

The Killers on the other are great. I'd pay good money to see them. The Arkells on the other hand is a hard pass from me

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You're certainly entitled to your opinion.

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I see talent when I hear it. I'm probably a better guitarist than whoever plays in the Arkells

I’m kind of a Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chili Peppers guy. Both would bring some heavy energy to the show. Killers would be good too.

Dave Groeh and the Foo Fighters are superb. Dave came a long way from playing the skins for Nirvana. He's great songwriter and an amazing guitarist for a drummer. JK

Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Joe Rogan. Now that would be entertaining.


As of right now I would say the favorite would be what fits best for Saskatchewan.

GLORIOUS SONS would be the current favorite. They have been opening act for the Rolling Stones. And are getting bigger and bigger. Great set list they can do a halftime show.

Neil Young would be awesome just like when the Guess Who performed the halftime show in cold conditions. Joe Rogaine can eat horse de-wormer


Neil Old no-one cares anymore can play

the song "the needle and the damage done " in his howling cat killing voice

Then can get himself cancelled during the show because he doesn't like a conversation in the front row about him being a sell out dirt bag .

We’ve had this conversation before. I was of course joking in my suggestion, but your taste in music and Canadiana is peculiar if you don’t like Neil Young. Rogan remains an overpaid irresponsible carnival clown.


But seriously, I would love to see the best live act I’ve seen in the last 20 years, and they are gettable. Tedeschi/Trucks band. As a guitarist I am sure you can appreciate Derrick Trucks, one of the best alive. I am not sure, however, that an audience used to crapola half time shows would appreciate quality music.


Everyone plays the guitar, just watch the medical updates on Covid, lol

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That's one way to pick up the chicks. LOL!

Ed Sheeran and Carrie Underwood. Just make sure no one pulls a Super Bowl incident.

Carrie Underwood would be a great halftime show. She is great talent


If you want country .

Paul Brandt , Kenny Chesney , Carrie Underwood .

all have connections .

Brandt Canadian . Chesney the color orange with Holloway and Underwood married a Canadian .