Who should perform at Grey Cup half-time show????????

Who, of the following would get your vote to perform at the Grey Cup half-time show:

  1. Troy Westwood
  2. the Guess Who
  3. Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  4. Crazy Horse
  5. The stampeders (singing group, not the team cuz the football team won't be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  6. Tom Jones
  7. Cher
  8. Madonna
  9. Celine Dion
  10. Avril Levigne
  11. Great Big Sea
  12. Great Slave Lake
  13. Paris Hilton
  14. Prairie Oyster
  15. Stompin' Tom Connors

Westwood has prior commitments, he'll be playing in the Grey Cup.

So I choose, The Guess Who

Neil Young's from Winnipeg, isn't he? That would be neat.

With all the TD dances from Copeland and Lewis, there won't need to be a halftime show :slight_smile:

Do the whole Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Paris Hilton are u kidding me!! that would go over worse then ashley simpson at the orange bowl a couple years ago.... i remember hearing a rumour on these forums that had the rolling stones playing the halftime show

Avril, if she'll have her pants half way down like a performance she did years ago. Strictly though to satisfy the pervert in me, you understand, I can take or leave her singing although she ain't bad that way either. :wink:

How about Anne Murray?

Just Kididin

Guess Who would work!

I just got a new surround sound system with a receiver and have the Guess Who in concert in Winnipeg on it. Wow, does it sound awesome and listening to it with a beer in hand and watching CFL is great especially American Women. Man, it's like being in heaven really.

And Turkey, please,please,please take Celine Dion off your list. I know you are kidding but don't give any one ideas about her.

Just take her off! Please!

She didn't do anything for me at the '92 GC in Toronto. Not the type of performer for a GC, too mild.

Nickel Back would put on a good show. However, Chad Kroegar might not be there due to his DUI charge in the states.

Paris Hilton...?
Maybe they could show her illicit videos on the jumbotron...well maybe not even then!

Haven't the Guess Who already done two Grey Cups?
And one of them in Winnipeg?
There has to be somebody else!

I am surprised they haven't announced an act yet.
But on the other hand, who cares?
The halftime show is a goodtime to order pizza or do a beer run if supplies are running low.

The "problem" is, and I will say "problem", is that the half time performer actually affects the viewership numbers for the game, if I'm not mistaken, and this really bugs me.

NO Nickleback. That Comercial rock crap is horrible

I don't know Billy, my wife loves the lead singer on Nickleback, and they are Canadian and have a number of hits, whether you personally don't like them, they are big.

how about a MARCHING BAND! haha

How about:

  1. BTO
  2. Trooper
  3. April Wine


Some class Canadian acts.

Almost anybody other than the Black Eyed Peas, they were brutal last year!

Someone mentioned Stompin Tom Connors and quite frankly he would be a perfect choice. Any one who has attended a concert, fan or not will tell you he is a hoot and his concerts are a lesson in patriotism.

I think we should start a draft Stompin Tom movement on this website.

Who is "Stompin' Tom"?

Canada greatest living, coast to coast ambassador.

Where have you been living.

Never heard the Hockey Song played sometime at every hockey game across the country.


Etc, etc, etc.