Who should lose their jobs?

I am more leaning towards the coaches. Would like to hear what others think

The stadium announcer who yells, I can't stand this yelling by him and it is not required.

The mantra always is: If you are suggesting that someone be fired then you need to also suggest who you would replace them with (and that replacement has to actually be resonably available to the ticats)...

Ok Say Bye to Joe Paopao and Bring in Danny Mac as qb coach :lol:

To be totally honest I don't have any replacements in mind of either players or coaches. I just created this for discussion

Well, at least you get the idea - mostly. DMac's not available.

fire who ever decided to cut yeast!

1.Rob Katz - is the Chief Operating Officer and Interim GM of Football
(Get a new General Manager and Stay as COO)

2.Ron Lancaster - Interim Head Coach (This is not The Little Generals mess to clean up)

3.Joe Paopao - this is a quote from his bio on this website "Paopao brings the experience necessary to take the Tiger-Cats to the next level."(I and many others don't think so)and now he is proving the sceptics are correct.

4.Kani Kauahi or "Coach K" - He is part of the PaoPao package that is not working and I have never seen a coach (single out) a player in the media for performing badly.
eg: Marwin Hage in the Spec

5.Kavis Reed - An Intence players coach that seems to have lost grip with his boys.
Result, the product on the field.

6.Long Snapper - All last year and now again this year we have given up way too many plays due to poorly snapped balls.(The kicking game is a major part of th Canadian game starting with the snap.)

  1. O Line - Terrible Run Blocking, end result zero running game which takes away the dynamics for the game.
    Now recently poor pass blocking which does not give who ever the QB is time to get the ball off.

  2. All the teams mental errors at the wrong times costing us great plays to be called back or giving the other team unnessary yards.

The first 7 items are doable the last #8 is up to the boys coming together and being disiplined.

The most positive change this year has been bring in Mark Myers to Kick. :thup:

You missed Flemming....absolutely brutal!!

I would have put him in but due to bad delivery of the ball we have to give him a shot with a good centre.

Is this really a 'debate' ?

There is NO DOUBT the current coachinig staff will NOT be around NEXT season ...

The questions in MY mind is - when do you bring the NEW REGIME in ? And does the new regime INCLUDE the GM ??

If I were the GM I would be SCOURING the football WORLD right now, interviewing any and all potential candidates. Once the season is OFFICALLY, and mathematically OVER I would hand the reins over to the NEW GUYS so they can get a head start on NEXT YEAR.

The problem with Management is they seem to have LITTLE to ZERO FORESIGHT ... so, if they do decide they need a new GM ... GET HIM NOW ... so that a new coaching staff can be found poste haste !!!


There are not a lot of top replacement coaches availble now.The new head coach is going to bring his own coaches in.
Having said that you could get rid off the def coach I'm sure sudsy would come back and finish the year and do a good job . He could hardly do worse
then we have now.

Everybody seems to ignore Deke McPhee. I think he has been the best of the assistants and would make a fine defensive coordinator. It will be the next head coach's call as to who the coordinators would be, but Deke worked with Sudsy for years and has the experience to do the job.

If a Rich Stubler or Greg Marshall (Winnipeg) come in, so much the better. The next head coach should have a defenisve background, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

It can't hurt, Why not? Give deeker a shot

Gets my vote too. And the music guy.

Yes, the music guy for sure Section31, I feel so bad for the older lady who puts her hands to her ears like I mentioned in another thread. It's too bad entertainment gets to the point people have to do this.

PAOPAO !! YOU STINK!! becuz we clearly have the talent, but its not being teached correctley, who agrees.. like we have all the guns but no1 to tell us how to take the saftey off and pul the trigger.

Bit of irony there. For those of us who were 'teached' about irony. Presumably back in skule.

I usually just read this site but am getting very frustrated with this team and had to put in my two cents worth. In my opinion, Katz has to go. He's not a football guy but he thinks he is, the worst kind. I would also get rid of Paopao, coach K, Erdman and Lancaster. I don't think Reed wants to be back anyway but I would really like to see McPhee run the defense. I think he should have been given the d-coordinator job initially instead of Reed but Lancaster was big on Reed. Deke has the experience , always does a good job with his players and I think would run a completely different D than coach Reed. more of a risk taker and has the ability to disguise his D and make adjustments at half. I think he'd make a great head coach but is not as well known as Stubler, Marshall (the other one) etc because he has not been given the opportunity to be a coordinator. He's had his whole career with the Cats so he must be doing something right and the players really respect him. I think Lancaster has to go and we get new blood in. I have respect for his experience in his time but I think his time is past due. I'm not big on Paopao and his sidekick, never really thought he was the man for the job. Well that's my view, hopefully things will turn around soon

First off I’d hire Eric Tilman as GM. (Keep Katz in a business role that he’s better suited to.)

A new head coach this year is out of the question since we’ll probably hire an assistant from another team for next year. I’d hire Greg Marshall, Winnipeg’s D-Coordinator.

Paopao should get the boot too. Hiring a promising O-coordinator from another team to be our O-coordinator next year probably won’t happen so we’d probably have to go with a less experienced guy. Personally I’d like to see us hire Matt Dunigan. As a former star QB I’m sure he could put together a great offensive scheme. Plus I love his hard nosed attitude, fits perfectly with the Hamilton attitude I’d like to get back. He was a head coach before and I think if he wants to get back to a head coaching job he probably needs to be a successful coordinator first.

Erdman, the special teams coach, is probably the worst coach we have in my opinion. I have no idea who’s a good special teams guy, but anyone would be better than Erdman. We don’t cover kicks well and our return game doesn’t scare anyone. New coach, NOW.

As for players, the o-line needs a major overhaul. That would be very difficult to do in-season so we’ll have to do some shopping come free agency next year. (note: Winnipeg drafted 2 starting o-linemen in the Ottawa dispersal draft and it’s working wonders for their offence.)

Fleming and Boreham I’m not ready to get rid of as punters just yet since I think a change in special teams coach would help their punting. (By not always having to angle their punts every single time, let them boom them straight ahead like they do in practice and get some people to cover!) Obviously we can’t keep 3 kickers on so let them compete for the spots.