Who should have been axed, Cleo Lemon or Jim Barker?

Jyles' first half was worse then Lemon's first half last week and was one of the worst halves of football this year. For the whole game he was 18-33 for 220 yards. The team put up 6 points.

Take off the rose-colored glasses and watch the game again. The savior has no clothes.

In fairness. . .

Lemon was given a season and a half to grow into the role.

While there was some slight improvement this season, it wasn’t enough, and when you combine that with his apparent going ballistic in the locker room at halftime, and then his demeanour and behaviour on the sidelines, he had to go.

But Jyles? It’s only one game, gang. I sure wouldn’t give up on him after one game, given that Lemon had a season and a half. Besides, there’s no other option at this point barring a trade. No NFL reject coming up at this point in the season is going to make a difference, and as for what we’ve seen from Bell, sorry I’ll take Jyles over him any day.

So my guess is that it’s Jyles for the balance of the season, and then reassess things in the offseason.

Pretty much, yeah. My initial point stands: the QB isn't the problem. Anybody who thinks Jyles played a great game or will in a few games turn this around is deluding themselves. What we got was more of the same. We will continue to get more of the same until the Argos improve at receiver.

I think we're on the same page, Tridus. While I don't believe bringing in a QB recently cut in the NFL would be of any use, I would sure be scouring receivers recently cut in the NFL. . . real help is needed there for sure. For the past 2 seasons at least the Argos have had the weakest receiving corps in the league. Copeland is past his 'best before' date, and Owens, as a receiver, is a good kick returner. No QB is going to look good until they upgrade the receiving corps, and get some decent playcalling going.

I disagree.
jyles is a clear improvement.
I watched him in Winnipeg and back then he was still much better than lemon.

If he can run and throw better than lemon, how can you possibly argue he is not an improvement?

In the first half it was his first half of football in almost a year, rust is obviously expected.
In the second half, he lead the team on 2 large drives for 2 field goals, then a 3rd field goal which was called back by a stupid time error that missed the second attempt.
Then again he led a drive that ended in a touchdown, but was called back because of a penalty.
all in all he got around 180 yards in the second half alone.

2 halfs of that would have been a 360 yard game, better than any of Clemons games save I think 1 in like 25 starts...

I dont know if jyles is right now better than lemon, but I beleive he will be a lot better by the end of the yr. Going into next yr, toronto might be the team I thought they might be this yr, if barker doesnt screw everything up.

Other then the 6 points, you mean? There was no improvement where it matters: the scoreboard.

If Jyles suddenly starts putting 40 points on the board? Then hey, I was wrong. But I don't lose much sleep over that possibility. :stuck_out_tongue: You won't see real growth on offense on this team until they upgrade at receiver.