Who should cover for Saunders until he is healthy

Who do you think should play in Saunders spot until he is healthy around Labor day and then be the extra receiver. This assuming Bralon Addison starts. This is my list in order of preference.Who would you like to see in that spot ?

Chris Williams
Terrell Sinkfield
Terrence Tolliver
Bkari Grant
Echols- Luper
Rashid Lawrence
Other ?
Other FA ?
Someone off neg list ?

Kalif Raymond 5’8" 182 WR He ran a 4.34 40. At Holy Cross, he was a WR, kickoff and punt returner. * some sites have him listed at 5’9" 160 . He is currently on our neg list and the Cat site has some video highlights on TiCats All Access.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I don’t know about Terrell Sinkfield not unless he plays like he did in the past and Chris Williams might ask for a lot of money and he hasnt played very well the last few years being injury prone.

Our main receivers I think is Bralon Addison, Brandon Banks and Luke Tasker but until Jalen Saunders is healthy maybe signing Mike Jones could be an option as starter and he’s Canadian

Or we look in free agency and try and pick up one of:

Greg Ellingson
DaVaris Daniels
Emmanuel Arceneaux
Ricky Collins
Cory Watson who is a national
DeVier Posey

Any one of them could be a starter until Jalen Saunders came back but I might be leaning towards Mike Jones.

AM I allowed to pick the “Anyone except McDaniel or Lawrence” option?

How about a guy like Chad Owens? Would only need to stay healthy half a season…might be worth the gamble.

The answer is: the best of the new recruits. An unknown. Whoever stands out in training camp.

This ^^^^^^^

Did he even take a snap in practice before he broke his foot again?

I’ma thinking these guys have it right. $ is going at a premium.

Give Sinkfield double duty. Run back kicks and replacement for Saunders.

He is a versatile player, if he still has his jets they can deploy him out of the backfield at times as well.

And maybe his best position and what kept him on a NFL practice roster DB

I heard he rolled his ankle getting out of the cab on the way to his 1st practice. Seriously, these old players like Owens and McDaniel contributed greatly to the league but it is time to bow out with dignity still intact and let the younger, faster, healthier guys play.

41 year old Tom Brady asked me to say hi :slight_smile:

I agree but weren’t both these guys pursued by the Cats because of injuries to our starting receivers? We needed experienced (although older) players who could potentially start sooner than later. Obviously didn’t quite work out as planned.