BC's loss has only heightened their qb controversy!!!
Here is your chance to be the coach. Who should start for the Lions and why??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My two cents worth:
  • I would have said start Dickenson then bring in Printers in relief. But DD looked awfully immobile on Sat. night against my Riders. If you can get any pressure on him he's toast. Printers presents more problems because he can escape pressure, buy more time and also run. Casey's problem is he tries to go deep too often. He needs to be more patient. I think Dickenson's confidence will be shot after Sat. night. Again, this is only my view from a distnace.


ne1 see printers on tsn? not a happy camper

DD should get the start...he has better pass accuracy.....
all those sacks, are the O-LINE's fault....thats why printers has to run so much....the o-line is garbage.
they wont make it far until the o-line steps it up.

Yes the o-line sucks. So I guess Printers might be the best bet. Neither got the job done yesterday though and hats off to the Riders. I replied in a Saskargo thread recently that the Riders could very well represent the East in the Grey Cup. Don't bet against it.

sask WONT beat montreal

is the BC O-line now worse than the esks O-line after the trade with Hamilton? Maybe...dam, hard to say. Ray gets sacked a lot and i think a lot of his interceptions are cause he has to force balls in the air cause of the line breaking down, at least with printers he can scramble out of it better.

but printers scrambles outta it, but then throws incomplete.

Yeah we feel for you lions fans with the whole o-line situation, it sucks see'ing your QB on his butt eh! I hope the Esks O-line really kicks it into high gear too, even with Troy Davis, it all starts with the initial push by the hoggies. Good luck to both teams, If for some weird and rare reason the Esks dont make it to the finals, i'll cheer for the lions.

Honestly, I don't think it really matter who starts, BC has do a 180 turn for the woast and will lose in the playoffs, no matter who starts.

Their done, it's that simple.

Incomplete passes are better than sacks.

That concussion was a bad one, and there's no way Dickenson should be back so soon. He has to be symptom-free for 10 days, but once the dilated pupils and memory loss subside, they have to take his word for it whether or not he's "symptom-free." And most players are competitive enough to ignore a little headache or some dizziness.

Problem is, if a concussion is not COMPLETELY healed, one more knock to the coconut and they could be carrying him out in a pine box.

This is way more important than a season, a Grey Cup, or even a career. Dickenson showed that his reads were slower than normal, leading to even more sacks than usual. That's enough proof for me that Dickenson should be done for '05.

They're only going to play one more game anyway, regardless of who plays.

I agree 100% BigDave. It could not be said better or with more truth.

Go Riders!!

P.S. This is a serious questions...... when was the last time DD started against the Riders and was not injured for a large part of the season? I know this year and last we put a huge dent in his playing time.

serious question...whens the last time the riders won the grey cup?