Who Should Be Told?

AKT Other teams find the players and the Tiger Cats don't. It's as simple as that. Lack of talent and a horrid game preparation
spells defeat. If anyone should be told it's Marcel the person who brought in Gibson - Marshall - and the rest. It's time to nut up and shut Marcel. The Mr. Nice Guy behaviour accomplishes absolutely nothing. What will the team slogan be on their tee shirts at Training Camp in 2010 "Stuck on Stupid?"

WE should be told ...... something ...... at least one player being given his walking papers, in some fashion, ........ I expect, later this week or no later than next week. It's now been two weeks since Bellefeuille said "there will be significant changes" and "the players won't have to wait long." The club has been under the league gag order on making announcements during Grey Cup Week and will now likely respect the media's attention, for most of this week, being devoted to the Alouettes' celebrations and Calvillo's story before MB or O'B "steps up to the mic."

It seemed we had the talent this year but lacked the heart. It was evident the last three games we were in trouble. One of the players joking around when asked about winning a spot in the playoffs said "O we get to spend another week in Hamilton" He seemed less than thrilled. I think coach MB was having problems getting some of the player to show up for the games. Some of the players went south before the season was over. :oops: :oops:

One of the players joking around when asked about winning a spot in the playoffs said "O we get to spend another week in Hamilton" He seemed less than thrilled.
What player was that, and where did you hear that?

I don't know what the coach's definition of "now" and "very soon" might be.
I do know that they're certainly different than mine as 4 weeks have now passed since he made those statements which prompted my starting of this thread.

And now, it's 6 weeks.

And now, Feb. 1st, exactly 11 full weeks after his "now and soon" threats and warnings to the players following their loss in the playoff game, he makes his first move -- releasing the team's top receiver in that loss. What?

As I mentioned in another thread, they tried to re-sign him, but he wanted to test the market.

OK, let's be serious here...Do you REALLY think that OB and MB have done nothing to try to improve the team since the end of the season? They will make announcements when they believe the time is prudent...Patience, Grasshopper. And "releasing the team's top receiver in that loss"...Really?! Bauman may eventually turn out to be an OK receiver with a change of scenery, but here, he was overwhelmingly more bad than good despite being given ample opportunities...Don't romanticize!

Responding to the two previous posts:

I did, when I posted before you, realize that the team had tried to re-sign Bauman and that he wants to test the market.
His release is just the club's way of presenting the decision, that has been made, as its rather than his. The point of my post was not about Bauman's actions, but rather the lack of action by the Head Coach. I was just bringing up-to-date my original (the thread starter) and subsequent posts on what the HC said about his players on November 16th.

No. I do not believe that OB & MB have done nothing over the past 11 weeks. However, I also do not believe that any players have been released, prior to today, as the coach suggested in mid November was about to happen because their on-field performance was not good enough. I agree with your summary of Bauman's days as a Ti-Cat but defend my statement that he really was, statistically at least, the Cats' top receiver in that playoff game. I apologize to you, and all readers, for romanticizing. I wish the coach would do likewise to his players and the fans.

("romanticize" -- verb -- Definition: to deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion)

You don't release player without having replacements. I see the changes coming at training camp