Who Should Be Told?

Russ wrote:

Since when does a head coach using the word "our" in "our performance wasn't good enough" (that includes him if you understand the collective concept of that possessive adjective) get pilloried for not including himself in the criticism? Only on ticats.ca! Ridiculous!"

Sorry Russ....but it's not ridiculous.
First thing of course..... is what was left out from the comments Marcel made to Drew. Maybe he said something else that was not printed that would have removed the ambiguity.
But regardless.....I think you are using language definitions ("possessive adjective") in the wrong context. At that point he had been talking about the players:
"I think there is going to be some significant changes. We’ve been down the road two years with these players ....." so you may be reading too much into "our". In any event, it was a perfect time for him to admit it was not necessarily all the fault of the players. I would have asked Marcel if that was the case.
I'm not trying to split hairs here but I can only comment on how I understand what he is saying.

And we can only comment on what was reported. Maybe not everything he said was reported in the article.

We know what Obie has said in regards to coaching.

I think this is much ado about nothing.

Coaches and players will be evaluated and replaced. That much is known.

Everyone in the organization made mistakes this year. They are human, but as Marcel said it is a performance based job. Obie dismantled the 2009 Secondary and rebuilt it with an inferior 2010 squad. He also thought Palardy could punt - turns out he was the best Placekicker available (including Sandro). Hindsight is 20/20. Gibson smothered the Offence with vanilla, but he reports to Marcel who is ultimately responsible for on-field strategy.

Expected Changes 2011

With better talent in the Secondary, the Defence should be able to prevent more than bend/don't break.
With better schemes and playcalling, the Offence should be able to win more games.
Critical short yardage plays have to be successful. Running Cobb between Tackles doesn't work.
Sandro should rebound. Don't forget McCallum was run out of Saskatchewan. There will be a couple kickers in the CIS draft. However as we saw this year they are two critical positions and not necessarily non-import domain.

what players? thats what the debate should be about,

Easley and Gibson should be gone in

but what players? imo,Ab3(time to play as a team), Deangalis(no excuses),Glenn,(its time to go with Porter).

I thought the return game and coverage teams were very good this year. I'd keep Easly and look for a new kicker and punter.

True Cap_ there was improvement in 2010 season, but sp t squad was illprepared for playoff game, i e costly return fumbles and
confusion over personel ,all fall on Easley imho

You want to go with Porter?

Oooh, you make a good point. You jarred a memory. I was screaming at the Ti-Cat bench in frustration as I watched a confused player run on the field, putting his helemt on as the play clock ticked down during a punt play. WTF?

Par for the course for the ugly game...(sigh)

He also wants to get rid of AB3.

How does Thigpen fumbling twice = the coach being fired? I don’t get that one. No matter how much you prepare your team you have no control over whether or not he loses the ball.

is that an attempt at humor :roll:

Porter is the Qb in the Ticats quest for a Grey CUP ,Glenn is a great asset, as a backup imho.

maybe Glenn called the pass int to ab3, against the play sent in, that why Marcell blew a gasget and the headset?

Humour? It was an attempt at clarification. I didn’t believe anyone advocates Porter as the 2011 starter. 2012 maybe.

I'm surprised at the responses my starting of this thread has prompted and agree with CaptainKirk that most of this could have been in the previous 'Burn the Witches" thread. So far, only gearbear9 and Massdestruction have responded with player names, and, I must say, the latter's username is a perfect description of what he's suggesting be done to the roster.

My biggest question was WHY NOW? And also, of course, WHO? I can't really see any name on the roster that the release of NOW would accomplish anything for the Tiger-Cats (other than divert the blame) than it would accomplish, if done months LATER, when at least an expected "better" replacement has been signed. It might be better now for the player(s) involved, but I certainly think not for the team.

In Mr62cats' linked article, MB says "there will be significant changes" and "the players won't have to wait long." I wonder what "significant" means to him. 40% of the Cats dressed for this year's semi-final (17/42) were not in the '09 playoff. Among the 17, were 3 O-starters, 5 D-starters and the 2 kickers. Is 40% "significant" change? I know that 9 wins and 10 losses was no change at all.

On the mention of our ST Coach, I believe a decision should be "Easley" made now. Keep him.

I agree…Dave Easley should stay. Special teams have not been a problem.
On defence…there have been some lapses but overall they have played well. Greg Marshall should stay but who knows if he will get any offers from other teams. I am not sure how happy he has been in Hamilton.
It’s the offence that has been the big problem with this team…for all the reasons we have spelled out since Sunday’s game.
I just wish Obie and Marcel had not waited this long to admit this…or do something to correct the problem.
Can’t wait to see what they…or the Caretaker… will do about it now.

You are correct the timing of this statement is way too early after the end of the season. Calling out your players to save your sorry %$#@# is not what i want from a professional coach. This so called problem was more than obvious just after the first game when Winnipeg blew us out. This isn't ringette, the plan and the talent was flawed from the offset. Can't run, can't kick,
can't make adjustments, poor talent - lousy game message ................... it's all on you Marcel. Wear it well. I stand by my previous message, if a player screws up, go tell him immediately. If you don't tell them, they think that type of behavior
is acceptable. Don't stand there with that stupid look on your face - coach - correct and reward. Just like Gibson's play calling ................... Nothing has changed since 2009....... Hello is there anybody home?

Lets put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. If gibby was making the play calls in Calgary this weekened could they beat Sask.? I say they would have a 50/50 shot at best.

why would you let Baumann go? He's shown signs of greatness and was there top receiver last game.
Deangelis, on the other hand. We should have traded up for Maver. Who would have thought Sandro would perform so poorly.

If your question is aimed my way, rockfish, my answer is I wouldn't. I was trying to guess who the coach might be thinking of when he made it clear that some players would soon be released. I included Bauman in my guesses, thinking he might be a safe "you didn't catch enough of them" cut and allow the coach to make "a statement" without risking much because Bauman is likely to choose to go home to Manitoba anyway. He, finally, in a couple of the late season games and the playoff showed some potential -- enough that I'd try to keep him here. However, he'll get something in the way of a signing bonus, or up front payment, from WPG or some other team, which I wouldn't be offering if I was Obie.

I hope you aren't named coach or GM! You just cut our 2 best offensive players!!! Both AB and Glenn were near the league lead in all relevent categories, and you want them cut???

yes then we can use the money we are paying them to re-sign Bauman :lol:

I don't know that any one player was a failure at doing his job to the best of his abilities so it doesn't come down to who should go but rather who's available to come in to improve the team. It may well be that a very good player is jettisoned while one of lesser ability stays simply due to the availability of players at any given position. I do believe its time to ax the OC and frankly it doesn't matter who the replacement is he won't be worse. We need help in the defensive backfield but again we'll have to wait to see what's available. Unlike many here I dont see Cobb as being the problem with our running game. I do think he's better suited as SB but the ratio issues dictates that move will never be made. One thing I don't see is a better option to Cobb. Our alternate MT is also not suited as a full time RB and would be better suited as a SB