Who should be the starting QB?

I think Dane has earned the starters role and should get a chance to lead the Cats to the 2020 Grey Cup (if there is one)

Without any commentary about your statement, I ask a simple question: Do you think Masoli has also "earned" the starter's role?

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Isn’t there a thread about this topic from last year already avail to talk about this nonsense? Why not wait until there is actually a season in 2020 to let the arguing begin?

I'm a believer in the old adage that a starter does not lose his position due to injury. Assuming he has rehabbed and is physically fit to play, the starter gets his position back, and it is his, until he no longer can perform at a starting level.

In this case, Dane will have to show in training camp, or this year, maybe in games, that he can outperform Jeremiah. Dane does not automatically get the job based on 2019.


They both deserve it. Maybe Masoli doesn’t deserve to lose the job, but does Dane deserve to go back to the bench. It will be tough for either of them, because as soon as they have a bad game. There will be a QB controversy.

Bledsoe got hurt, Tom Brady replaced him. Prescott replaced Romo after injury

I think you're touching on the answer. Both have proven they can start and succeed. As far as we know, the decision has not been made. Performance in training camp and the early games will be crucial.

I think the randomness of 2020 (no exhibition games, some starters deciding not to show up) favours Masoli as the guy with more years of experience in the league. Evans stepped into a pretty high-functioning offence last year. The 2020 QB will have to be ready for a lot more variables.

I think Masoli should be given every opportunity to show that he is healthy and back to the same level. If Masoli struggles in game 1 , I would not hesitate to bring in Evans and vise versa.

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I will reserve judgement until Garney26 weighs in. :grinning:


Ahem. I start Dane because he's younger, less banged up and needs to get some plays in more than the experienced Masoli does. After that it's a very short leash for both of them. I would even mix them in like Winterpig did with Collaros and Stiflers mom.