Who should be the STARTING QB in 2013?

Who would you rather have as your starting QB in 2013? Vote on the poll, &/or post your thoughts.

If he's available, the Bombers will go hard after Reilly. MacPherson will be the starter in Montreal next year after AC retires, so he's not going anywhere.

Will Glenn be available? It depends on his GC performance.

All of Winnipeg's current QB's should be brought back to compete next year. They showed some flashes.

Mike Reilly is hitting the free agent market. He will likely sign with either Winnipeg, Edmonton or Montreal. As for McPherson, he has waited long enough to be a starter. Even if AC retires, i see him hitting the market. AC doesnt retire imo. But if he does, Montreal should bring in Kevin Glenn. He is just what they need. A vet QB for a vet team. A rookie QB could set them back and close their window for 1 more run.

I think Kevin Glenn wants to be a starter. I do not see him back with Calgary next year.

Im honestly really surprised ppl want to see all three current QB's on the Bombers brought back. IMO, i think Alex Brink is the worst QB in the CFL. The guy can not lead a team. Cannot throw a solid ball and makes WAY TOO MANY mistakes. Joey Elliot is a good option, and Buck Pierce is always hurt so i would make him a back up and go in another direction.

And, having led the Stamps to a west final victory, if he leads the team to a Grey Cup championship on Sunday, would your opinion change?

Drew Tate is the guy in Calgary. Even if Kevin Glenn went 18-0. He'd still be gone. lol

I'm not so sure. Tate is starting to look like the second coming of Buck Pierce, and if Glenn wins the Cup on Sunday, I think Hufnagel will have second thoughts. . .

Nope. That ship sailed (glenn in calgary) once tate was given the playoff start.

Hufnagel has been around a long time and knows the importence of a proven back up. Like himself, as I'm sure you remember ? he came of the bench to to jump start the Bomber offence in the 84 Grey Cup in a win over Hamilton! Tate struggled and looked impatient at times in the west semi. Tate has not proving he can be a consistaint starter in this league. Glenn is a great insurance policy . If a team throws a ton of money at Glenn he will go , Calgary would be wise to keep him for one more year, to make sure Tate pans out. The sleeper in all of this is Bo Levi Mitchel !

Bo-Levi Mitchell imo is not a sleeper. I think he is ready to play in the CFL. I wouldnt be shocked to see Ottawa take him in the E-Draft.

I too have mixed thoughts after seeing Tate come back. It wasn't his injury so much (I don't think he was ever 100% against Sask.); it was his frame of mind.

I wrote it off to a concussion at first, but it's more than that. I don't know if it's immaturity, drugs, but Tate's mind is unbalanced. I don't know what's going on with that guy. We're too far away and he's been through a lot, so I won't speculate any further.

I was going to leave this alone till next season, but since people want to talk about Kevin Glenn, it's clear that some people need a reminder of BB history so that we have a clear understanding of where we (need/will) go next season without any false hope or expectations.

The BB of Wpg. are a proud franchise with a tradition of building Grey Cup dynasties; winning the GC is what we do. When KG (Charlie Brown) broke his arm in the dying moments of an Eastern Final in the bag and then a year or so later had a hissy fit after fans heckled him & his family in a playoff loss at home, he was done in this town--period.

When the BB got thrown into the East Division, fans rightly expected the Bombers to be in the Grey Cup almost every year. Unfortunately, after Cal Murphy was fired, the Big Blue were afflicted by a schoolyard bully named Lyle Bauer. Other cancers crept into this organization and the BB haven't been the same since.

We need another Cal Murphy who can take care of football operations and a BoD who can handle the business side of things. Burke is a “blue chip? coach who can take us all the way if he is given the players and assistant coaches to do so.

If the mortgage for the new stadium forces the Bombers to do things on the cheap, then forget it. Fold the team, refinance the mortgage or raise the revenues to make the Blue Bombers Grey Cup champions again. When it comes to CFL football in Winnipeg, nothing else matters but winning the Grey Cup. Anyone in the organization who doesn't understand that needs to be shown the door.

If the BoD can't make things right again, we might as well put back the urinal trough, tell Katz, Selinger and David Asper what they can do with that new stadium and play in Canad Inns till the walls crumble. A new stadium ain't gonna win us any Grey Cups--only champions can do that.

....Very sensible post brokeback...I do remember Glenn when we had him and his propensity for throwing games away...The fans had had enough and struggling mightily for a winner didn't help matters at the time...His departure was badly handled and can still be considred controversial BUT when the fans get restless you have to throw something at them to appease the hunger...Bauer was past his expiry date on the Bombers management list...He was carrying a lot of baggage and besides getting a financial picture in order in the Peg, did very little...Both departures were inevitable..

....Now as far as a QB. for next year..I say we take a good look at Reid...He may have looked better than some of our guys this past season because of a more experienced o line....BUT he did look pretty good...Our hogs are coming along and should be a much better group going into the 2013 season...I do know one thing we certainly can't go with what we currently have on the roster (as far as a starter)...Do we have enough moxey to bring in a guy like Reid and take a chance and say he 'could' be the future...I say we give it a shot as the current bunch are NOT the answer...Caught in kind of a quandry BUT i say we go out on a limb and try to sign him...The off-season is going to be very interesting :wink:

"Take a good look at Reid" Who is Reid? Do you mean Mike Reilly?

Thank you


[quote="RichardVeilleux"]"Take a good look at Reid" Who is Reid? Do you mean Mike Reilly?

Thank you


....No I meant Mike Reid :lol: Of course I meant Reilly....I don't recall a Reid quarterbacking in the CFL recently but I tried to manufacture one :lol:



.....for those who were entertaining the idea of bringing in Kevin Glenn next year....maybe it's time for a re-think...That Cup game proved to me once and for all Glenn cannot win the big games ...He proved it with us , the cats, and now the stamps...I don't want to see Glenn a Bomber in 2013...We definitely have to go in a different direction.... :wink:

As much as the blame will be laid at KG's feet, lets face it, he had little help on offense. Statistically he and Ray were not that different (14/27 for 222 yrds for KG, 18/30 for 231 yrds for RR). Both threw a pick. Ray threw for 2 TDs versus non for KG, but lets face it his team did a much better job of putting him in a position to score. Biggest difference in the game IMO was Cornish versus Kackert. Cornish was completely ineffective, getting the bulk of his yards later on in the 2nd half with the game all but decided. The fumble on the exchange between Glenn and Cornish that gave TO a short field early on didn't help either. I'm no sure who was responsible for what was going on offensively for the Stamps - Dickenson or Hufnagel - but they had no response to what the argos D was doing and weren't able to rise to the occasion. After a good season on offense, they choked as coaches in the big game as much as any of the players on the field IMO.

...I have to say the stumps played one of their worst games of the year BUT when your receivers are coming off the field and jawing at you because you can't get them the ball...(see toss into turf and one into the oppositions arms) you have to wonder...Glenn got an earful from Price and McDaniel and the slide continued...I admit i have never been a fan of Glenns and don't lay the balme totally at his feet...It's just I've seen this picture too many times with him...It cost the Bombers in a lot of occasions..sooooooo If Mack wants to bring him on board, he better be wearing some heavy duty noise deflectors...cuz it won't be pretty.....And as far as I'm concerned, the biggest difference in the Cup yesterday, was the difference between Ray and Glenn :wink:

Well papa I agree with almost everything you say. I wouldn't bring Glenn back to Winnipeg either.

The only thing I disagree with you on is :

Now, while I certainly concur that Ray outplayed Glenn, to me the biggest keys to the Argos' win are, in no particular order:

  1. Jones and Milanovich out-coaching Dickenson and Hufnagel;
  2. Toronto's offensive line was stellar no matter what Calgary threw at them;
  3. Toronto's defensive line and LB corps was equally stellar, shutting down Cornish and the Stamps had no answer.

Those 3 factors were more important, as I see it, to Ray outplaying Glenn (which he did).

....All of those factors are important for sure, MJ....BUT (you knew there'd be a but :lol: )...If you don't have a good fireman at the end of the hose, you could be fighting that fire for a long time, no matter how much pressurized water you put into it...Poor analogy...maybe... But this is a quarterback driven league (hackneyed phrase I know) but true...If you don't have a competent pivot, whatever your game-plan, it can fizzle pretty quickly...I feel their defences were equal BUT there was definitely a disparity somewhere...HELLO Kevin Glenn.... I feel that was the BIG factor.....I guess I've witnessed too many games where I KNEW we were superior and came away empty with Glenn at the helm...You're right about us not seeking his service next year...That would be a step backwards...He has one year left on his contract in Cal......I hope we see fit to let him honour that.... :wink: