Who should be the head coach?

i'm hearing alot of doubt in jim daley. who do you think should be the coach if daley gets dumped? i would suggest rod rust, but he went 1-15 or something bad when he was the head coach of the patriots

Yogi I would first fix the big problem Taman. He has let a few good players go sure he raped Dunigan but he did nothing in the off season to fill holes. Get a new GM and let him get the coach. Ritchie would make a good GM, he did have good coaching stints with the Bombers and Taman let him down.

tamens made two great trades this year though. we stole away brazzel, did pretty good on saturday even though he dropped at least one pass, and every bomber fan was wanting the head of peterson after drop after drop in at key moments(single handedly nailed down the first loss to calgary)

and the trade for mudge payed off. fiaconni is alot better than serridan at centre, and sherridan is alot better at guard than centre. our oline is the best it's been in years

taman also put together a great defence. it's not always too consitent but last year's secondary was on;y consistant at being terrible

You beat me to it Yogi, Taman has been making some could moves, the team is going in the right direction and I think they all deserve a year or two to see it through.

Ya that first trade was a good one but Brazzel I do not know if he fixes the problem. Taman is still guilty of the poor performance of this team because of no upgrades to start with at training camp. You will see sooner or later because again your team like all others need upgrades in the offseason. Taman stated he brought in mighty fine recruits but yet none made the team oops! That is why new GM is needed quickly. Get a guy that will bring in players that will stick. Thats my opinion.

Walls, Samuals, Woodson, Fields, Colon, there are at least 9 new starters, this is a very different team then last season. Offense not as many but the receiving core is coming around and I think your wrong about Brazzell RW05, he is an upgrade to what we had.

Glad you filled me on that I did not realize there were nine. Ya Brazeel can do it but why was it Hamilton would trade him for a guy that all CFL fans saw drop crucial balls. Well hope he turns out.

At least these guys dont stand around with their fingers up their asses. They have been making changes, for the better, from day one which is all a fan can ask. This team at the start of the year was so bad it was almost unspeakable, for them to have won 2 games is nothing short of amazing.

taman realies too much on players improving their talents. he did a good thing by bringing in players so true and true bomber starters had to fight for their spot.

didn't we just do this thread?

The Winnipeg media has not been nice and say that Taman is the root of the problem. He did find a great kicker!

this was supposed to be about who could be the next head coach but taman has hijacked it

Rod Rust was the Alouettes' coach for one season following Charlie Taaffe's departure, and he completely lost control of the team. The Als finished the 2001 season with 7 losses in a row (8 if you also count the early playoff exit in the east semi-final game). Players were fighting one another in practices. All hell was breaking lose. Etc.

I suggest you keep Rust in a coordinator's job.

Dam you Taman * shaking fist in the air*...

Next Bomber Head Coach : ANY AMERICAN AVAILABLE!

Pigseye and Yogi, You guy's are nut's.

In Tamans time with the bombers he has lost.
Geroy Simon Marcus Howell
Arlan Bruce Brian Clark
Harald Nash Brandon Dyson (I don't care if people called him dirty)
Orlando Bobo
Ricky Bell
We were also rapped by the NFL. Juran Boldan, Eric Wilson, Albert Johnson III.
Don't get me wrong he tries for a dumb Canadian with no NFL contacts. Why don't you think we bring in NFL cast-offs. Taman gave up Bruce to Toronto last year. He wanted to play for Winnipeg but Taman wouldn't pay him $3000 a game for the rest of the season. Wammo, Bruce helps Toronto to a Grey Cup Win.
Brazzell or Bruce
Pederson or Geroy Simon
Pederson or Howell
Fugill(sp) or Wilson
Nash or Evans
Bell or Coleman
Mcgaritty or Bruce
Jones or Martin for that matter.

I hope you get the point. Taman needs to go........

bombers lose all their good players because of being owned by the communitiy. the city's too cheap to give them alot of money. they need private ownership.

Not Daley. That's all, just not Daley...

I agree with you it really is the only way to go. Calgary was and sure we had the box king as owner but he did pay all the bills to have his son play. The kid took a beating but played. Local ownershio groups are the way to go though.

it only makes sense... in the future... to have somebody with deep pockets involved in your franchise. or you just won't compete......the Aspers could be the answer....new digs would also be a help........ :arrow: