Who should be the 2005 Free Agents?

I already started to think about what teams could to improve their roster next year. I was wondering if anyone knew who their future free agents were. I did the exercice for the Als. I took out of their roster all the players that I know have many years left to their contract. There is one player I am sure will be free agent. The others, I don't know but they could be.


  • Anwar Stewart (DE)


  • Paul Archer (C / G)
  • Rob Brown (DT)
  • Brian Chiu (C)
  • Patrick Dorvélus (DB)
  • Reggie Durden (DB)
  • Scott Flory (G)
  • Kevin Johnson (ILB)
  • Jonas Lewis (HB)
  • Dave Mudge (G / T)
  • Uzuma Okeke (T)
  • Timothy Strickland (OLB)
  • Ted White (QB) ... anybody wants him?
  • O'Neil Wilson (WR)

Can anyone correct this list? Who are the future FAs in the other teams? What does your team need?

You forgot Turkeybend he is going over to the Stamps!

Ohhh I hope Ozoma Okekek comes to the Eskimos. lol.. Here's the one's I'm pretty sure about for the Eskimos...

WR- Jason Tucker
SB- Derrell Mitchell
QB- Jason Maas
LB- AJ Gass..

there's 4 huge guys.. Jason Maas will be leaving forsure. I think Tucker will stay as he expressed in the Edmonton Sun a couple days ago. I don't think AJ Gass will be going nowhere. Lol he's Eskimo blood.

I can confirm those Al'S Free-Agent as I talked to them recently about their contract situation:

Sylvain Girard
Brian Chiu
Scott Flory
Tim Strickland

Curry & Landry have contracts until the end of 2006.

if maas is free agent why is edm not trying to trade him off for something. i can't see them keepinghim

the Esks.need Maas for the playoffs ....once the Esks. are done for 05...and potentially that could be until the Grey Cup.....there will be a huge amount of interest in Mr. Maas.......teams like Ottawa.....Winnipeg.....Hamilton......maybe even T.O. and don't count Sask. out from having a good look....things could get pretty interesting in the off season....whose got the cash....whose got the cash..... :?: :?:

EskTmac, Jeremaine Copeland garanteed he would remain an Alouette when asked in the last year of his contract, and we all know how that turned out. So Tucker could go (though I think the Esks will pay him enough to stay).

XGamer, are you sure Curry is under contract untill the end of 2006? My understanding was that he currently is in his option year, and that's why he did not show up at the beginning of the season. He thought the option year meant "restricted free agent" and was negociating for more dough. If he's in his option year, he'll be a free agent next February.


As for Copeland, we lost him for an amount between 50 000 & 75 000, and he also had confirmation that Burris would be the Qb in Calgary, before leaving the Al's. He told us that after the game in August while I waited for his autograph on my 2004 team pictures.

When you play in the CFL, since you don't make the same salaries as the NFL, you take what comes your way....and I can't be mad at him for doing so.

dammit! tucker, mitchel and gass? the esks better re-sign them.