Who should be Player of the Week?

Who's your pick, and why?

i pick my man burris i stuck behind him all season so far!

I'd say roberts, because he really had his breakout game of the season and without him the Bombers would never have beat the Als. Burris played a hell of a game but the Roughriders did kind of implode.

I agree with milkman. But I would hate to have to pick between these two. I think either way they should be 1 and 2 and Reynolds should come in 3rd. I hate to say this as a Rider fan, but man did these two guys make us look terrible. All in all though, I think nothing compares to 186 yards on the ground while getting your first win of the season against a team that has been on top of the league for the past several years.

Go Riders!!

Congrats Burris :frowning:

I picked Roberts for an amazing effort. When he's on, he regularly makes something big out of nothing.

I'd make Reynolds the first runner-up. Burris played a clutch game against his old team but it was the running of Reynolds (18 carries, 150 yards) that opened up the game.

Gotta go with Charlie, and biased as a BB fan aside. Burris played a hell of a game, thats for sure, but the Riders looked awfully bad. Montreal was a little more on stride, and Charlie really won the game for us. Without him playing like he did, we wouldn't have been able to beat Montreal.

Give it to Roberts....its the only award Winnipeg will get all yr.


Roberts all the way!

eskylo- already forget who the lineman of the week and defensive player of the week were last week. oh yeah they were bombers too. against an eskie offense i believe. so there we will win three things this year!

I'll take Burris because I didn't see Roberts play and Reynolds wasn't an option.

BLINK…and you’ll miss him…Definitely Roberts was probably the biggest reason the Bombers edged the Al’s…he ran rampant through a good defensive line…took some pretty good shots but just kept ‘truckin’…one of the reasons why he is the best back in the league… :arrow:


Player of the week awards arent big in my books. I like
cups, preferably grey.

so would i eskylo so would i, 1990 seems like a long time ago.

Nylon Greene seriously…lol