Who Should be our Head Coach

May as well do a poll.....

To make it clear....vote for who you WANT, not necessarily who you predict it will be.

I would like Danny Maciocia, i just hope the Eskies will let us talk to him.


I'm going with Chris Jones.

I go with Rich Stubler. The man has created absolutely dynamite defenses in Toronto for the past few years, defenses that have had to carry the load because their offenses have generally been subpar. He's an older, experienced coach who is respected throughout the league and seems like he's cut from the Don Matthews cloth.

Jones would be my second choice.

Richie Hall. The players really like this man, and he knows football, and he did a wonderful job in Saskatchewan.

Pleas do not take richie away from us. For all the credit Austin is getting for winning the cup for us, Richie's defence is what really did it. (but keep that quiet would you.


Je l'ai vu agir cette année et sans hésitation mon choix c'est CHRIS JONES.
C'est un homme intense, capable de rassembler les joueurs autour d'un objectif commun.
Malgré les blessures, malgré les changements et la jeunesse de sa défensive il a su constamment motiver les joueurs de sa défensive à donner le meilleur d'eux-même et à s'améliorer.
Mais SURTOUT faudra éviter que Jim se mêle constamment de ses affaires. Qu'on lui donne tous les pouvoirs et une équipe solide autour de lui. Il a tout pour réussir.


Oui, t'a raison, Alouettes8!

Chris Jones est déja partie de l'équipe, est aussi les joueurs ont beaucoup de respect pour lui. Il était super at motivier ses troupes a la défensive, et j'y croix qu'il est capable de nous amener en haut de l'échelle dans la division Est.

Aussi, Don Matthews insiste que Whettenhall donne la poste a Rich Stubler. Il a travaillé avec Don Matthews, alors je croix qu'il a apris par le meilleur, et lui aussi, les joueurs aiment jouer pour lui, malgré de son succés comme entraineur Offensive, parce que entre nous, l'attaque des Argonauts n'est pas si fort que sa.

On a des bon candidats, alors je croix qu'ont sera meiileur cette saison.

Ryoon t'es tout mele. Matthews suggere Burrato. '

Stubler est coordonateur DEFENSIF des Argos et nomme HC aujourdhui.

Burrato casse rien et a eu deux chances comme hc avec pas de succes.


Merci Ryoonnn. C’est vrai que Burrato est la suggestion de Don Mattews.et je suis bien d’accord avec HFXTC; ce gars là est dans la ligne depuis fort longtemps mais il n’a rien cassé…entraineur à la défensive des Argos…pas fort…rappelez-vous leur gênante défaite en finale cette année…
Moi c’est Chris Jones …jusqu’au bout…J’ai hâte de voir cà…et aussi de voir ce qui se passera avec Marcel Bellfeuille et l’unité offensive…
Bonne journée tout le monde


Oui, Oui, c'est Burato. C'est vrai, je me suis mélé.

En effet, je suis d'accord avec vous, qu'il faut ignorer la possibilité de Burrato gagner la poste, devant des entraineurs avec du success comme, Tom Higgins.

Et aussi, selon moi, je croix que Marcel Bellefeuille n'est pas capable d'avoir une offensive fort. Avec la qualité des joueurs qu'ont avais cette saison, et d'avoir un des plus mauvais unités offensive dans ligue, sa me donne l'idée qu'il n'est pas le gars. Il faut dire Bye-Bye a Mr. Bellefeuille.

I voted Chapdelaine, but that may just be the jerk in me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I wish the Als would just pick a coach already. How many people have they interviewed now? Really milking this...

Well this is the second season in a row they are looking for a coach and if you average out the time they spent looking for a coach over those two seasons it works out to a normal amount of time for each.

The team is not gonna mess this one up people were very upset at how hastily they made the decision last year so the team is putting in extra effort to make sure they get a long term solution for next year

...and that is a very good thing.

Now that Stubler is gone, my top two candidates are Chris Jones and Steve Buratto. Jones for obvious reasons: he's been here a long time, he's familiar with the players and the org, he's done a good job despite limited resources, and he's young and probably has some good ideas he'd like to implement as H.C.

Buratto has Don Matthews's vote of confidence, which goes a long way with me. He's an older, experienced coach who has put together some pretty good offenses over the years. He knows the game but also knows what it takes to motivate players.

I'd be happy with either choice.


Looks like Chapdelaine might be heading back to B.C.

I'm starting to think along the lines of some other posters I have seen. That the Als are waiting for Hamilton to decide on Charlie Taaffe before moving on.
I really think they want an experienced head coach so they know what they're getting. Montreal can't afford to go through what Hamilton has had to the last few years with untried coaches (except for Taaffe).
So IMO if Charlie is available he will get the job, with second choice between Higgins and Buratto, both experienced head coaches.

Word from the Als is that all the candidates have been interviewed, and they will conduct second interviews with a chosen few.

If it were up to me, and if say they narrow it down to three, I'd choose Marshall, Hall, and Jones.

Higgins doesn't excite me for some reason; Buratto has failed not once but twice as a head coach (Calgary, BC); Price has been out of the CFL too long (see Taaffe this year); and as for Marcel Bellefeuille, the less said the better.

I know that my three choices have no head coaching experience, but I think all three are ready to take the next step. Wally Buono and Don Matthews both were defensive coordinators before becoming head coaches.

Mind you so were Don Sutherin and Garry Etcheverry, and that didn't work out so well........

Practically a done deal..... I'm NOT doing cartwheels about that move! :frowning: :frowning: