Who should be CFL League MVP?????????????????????????


As of this weekend, who would receive your vote for CFL League MVP????????

My vote goes to Luca Congi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geroy Simon.
Joffrey Reynolds is a close second.

There is always that debate. Is it truly the MVP award, or is it the most outstanding award.
It is still between those two, but if it is truly "most valuable" I might give the nod to Reynolds.

My heart says Reynolds, my head says Simon (if he gets out of B.C., Buck Pierce will get a lot of votes)

Geroy simon by far

I hope Reynolds will win but i think Simon will win.

my 3 finalists:

-Joffery Reynolds
-Geroy Simon
-Sir Charles Roberts

Geroy Simon - no contest

i think all 3 are in the running no doubt. simon makes the hard plays look routine, reynolds has had a greatrushing season and so has roberts. when roberts beats reynolds for the rushing title he will get the nod over reynolds but simon still has him beat. Simon should win MVP

When Roberts does what? That's not gonna happen. Geroy will take it either way though.

G-roy for sure


In the past, offensive players seem to win more often than defensive players. This season, the west has more outstanding candidates than the east. Simon should win over Reynolds or Roberts. He is far ahead of any receiver. Since both running backs are close statistically, voters might split votes.

Simon for sure.Does anyone know the last player to win the MOP and the GC in the same year?

I would say that Simon will win, but I will give a longshot choice here, and that is Ricky Ray. He put up good numbers on a non playoff team, and the Eskimos would right now be 2-14 or 1-15 without him, and the Eskimos lost a lot of close games this year. If they had not allowed Stegall to get the 100yd TD and made a FG they would be 7-9 and in the hunt still. Its not Ray's fault the Eskimos are out, but he will shoulder a lot of the blame.

You cannot compare Reynolds to Roberts by numbers because Roberts gets the ball more then Reynolds does, people tend to compare them because the numbers are so close.

Reynolds is a better back and a better team player, it does not matter if Roberts wins the rushing title or not.

says the Calgary fan!

Now wait a minute...Joffrey Reynolds is having a heck of a season, and he is a good back.
But Charles Roberts has been the dominant back in the league for several years now, and given that his o-line in previous years was awful, and this year it has been held together with duct tape and barbed wire, not to mention that the only other threats on the team, Glenn and Stegal missed significant chunks of the season,all I can say is, Charles Roberts IS the best back in the league.
Maybe just not the league MVP. Hope you can follow the logic.

The Calgary fan who is right. Reynolds is better than Roberts, and isn't a baby either. Reynolds is the consumate pro.

...Joe Smith isn't too shabby either, for a rook he is right there in third place....