Who Scouts For THe Als

With all the goings on with the Als lately, I have been wondering if Jim Popp or his assistant have been active in the scouting process. Last year's Canadian Draft was a complete washout as none of the Als choices made the team. At present there are about 30 known Canadians playing in the NCAA and, 20 of these youngsters will be active in the Bowl Games coming up in the next couple of weeks. Who will be scouting these players? I would assume that Popp will be the active scout. Last years new Americans were, as a group, quite accomplished while the Als scouting of Canadians was impotent.
I would also like to know to what degree the CIS players fell under the eye of an acomplished scout this last season as I doubt Popp had the time to scout this group, and, his assistant was in Hamilton as their GM. Who did the scouting? Anyone?

I imagine that Desjardins would be heavily involved in the scouting this year. Popp admitted that Desjardins's late departure last year combined with the loss of their NFL scout really hurt his ability to bring in the talent that we needed.

The Als are loaded with Canadian talent IMO. Their current roster shows 32 Canadians, by far the most in the league.
This doesn't include some of the players they drafted last year and sent back to university.
I don't think their Canadian content was the reason they slid back a bit last year. They haven't replaced import players like Copeland, Pringle and Okeke with the same quality type players.
But their Canadian depth should be the envy of many other teams in the league. IMO