Who says preseason has to be boring

Great end to the game tonight! Ugly weather but I still enjoyed it. I'm so happy TSN is finally showing it!!!

Looks like edmonton has lots of first and second yr players with good to great potential. So much for hoping they spend a few more yrs at the bottom.

If Lancasters grandson ever makes it in the CFL, I am going to have to cheer for that team no matter who it is.

Got busy doing crap and totally forgot about the game. :oops: Though the good news is I can relive it through the 300 messages the Eskimos posted on Facebook. :lol: Gonna be annoying sifting through that crap on game days. :lol:

Maybe the games on again later on TSN2.

Its on right now on TSN2 if you missed it (I missed the first two hours myself)

I've been pleasantly surprised at how many teams started a lot of their 'starters' in the first preseason games so far. makes for some decent football and, some of the back ups have actually looked quite good at times. This has been a success in my books.

Totally agree with that statement.

I don't think it's unusual for the home team to begin the game with a lot of starters.

I found the 4th quarter of the Edmonton vs Saskatchewan game BOOORRRINNNNGGGGG

the argos/cats game was interesting and exciting even though barely any of Hamilton's starters played. It's sort of a false sense of security, we crushed them but they played their practice roster.

Then again, a lot of the key argos weren't playing either.
I think when these teams actually play during the regular season they will be great match ups. Cobourne and Boyd facing off at RB, two good quarterbacks facing off (although Glenn will have the advantage no matter who Toronto's QB ends up being). I think Hamilton is more focused on Offense this year and the Argos are again focused on defense.

I predict close games and a close series and maybe another play off match up this year.

Remember that these are also streamable afterwards and all season on TSN


Go there, then click Video Library,

Snap! I totally wasn't aware of that. :lol: I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow afternoon. Thanks. :thup:

No worries.

Also, if you have Sasktel Max, Local on demand has ALL games there about a week or so after being played. I re-watch games I go to later when it is cruddy outside.

I keep checking TSN for the Argo-Cats game, but it still hasn't been posted. How long does it usually take them? I was hoping my Argo-fan friend from the city could watch the game before he heads back.

They didn't show the game on TSN, so I have a feeling they won't be posting it.

TSN didn't show it? I thought they said they were showing all the pre-season games this year. Or maybe it was blacked out in the Toronto/Hamilton area?

I recall people discussing one of the Argos games not being broadcast. I don't know it we were ever given a reason for why.

It wasn't blacked out. For some reason, they decided to show all preseason games except the Ham@Tor game.

This is strictly a guess on my part, I have no facts to back it up whatsoever. This is entirely my opinion.

With the partnership between the Argos and the new TSN Radio, perhaps the Argos and TSN didn't want the game on TV so people had to listen to it on the radio, therefore increasing TSN Radio's exposure. The reason they could it with Hamilton being the opponent is two-fold:

  1. Many Ti-Cat fans will go to Toronto to watch the game.
  2. Hamilton fans could listen on TSN Radio as well, which would not be the case with any of the other six teams (at least via traditional radio, since TSN Radio is an AM station)

I could be way off and there is another reason entirely, but that's just a thought that popped into my head while I was on my way to the game.

That makes sense blogskee. It's not the end of the world, but I was really looking forward to seeing each of these teams. Maybe next week! :rockin: