Who Says CFL Players Don't Make Any Money?

I always read how CFL players are paid peanuts and have to work another job during the CFL season to pay the bills.

But the average salary for CFL players is just over 100,000 per year. To me thats not chump change.
Sure the average is scewed a bit by the guys making 400,000, but the entry level salary is something like 50 grand a year.

Sure its not huge money compared to countries with ten times our population, but it ain't bad for half a years work.

Do the math. Average CFL at 100k per year for 10 years makes 1 Million for a career. Not enough to retire on and not enough to provide more then an upper working class life style. Heck Oil workers up north in Alberta make that much over a year. The saving grace for most CFL players is that football doesn't draft young like the NHL and most are college graduates. For the average CFL player it still is for the love of the game they play. For the top paid players they may make 350k per year but as we all know after taxes it drops .... alot

Another question. Why doesn't the CFL charge more for tickets. NHL teams in Canada get away with charging an arm and a leg. Not sure what CFL tickets go for, but I heard for the Argos the best seats are something like 70 bucks. Thats peanuts. CFL has to get away from this mom and pop image and start acting like they're the number two sport popularity wise in this country.

...what is wrong with mom and pop images?...I like mom and pop images....you, on the other hand, I find insufferable...

They tried that and it failed. The mom and pop image is what drives it's fan base. Unlike NHL or NBA the CFL teams belong to each community. The players are like one of us - drive older vehicles and work for a living year round. Much like cities with WHL teams they have found that real financial success lays with being a family affair. If the CFL began charging NHL prices they wouldn't last long I'm afraid.

Do they only work from June to november though?

I know a couple of people who still take shots at the CFL for its “low” salaries. Then they piss and moan about how NHL salaries are nuts. Can’t win.

100k after taxes would be 70k? Not sure if more would be due in the US for American players. Don't know if they purchase extra private medical as well. Now that our dollar is at par it may be better ( could you imagine 2 years ago making 100k that after taxes was like 40k US? ). All be it though - 70k is what the average lower middle class 2 income family makes. Can't see them not working in the off season for the average player.

I kinda doubt that

It's just a guess but they have to pay all normal payroll deductions. Normal % deduction at that range would be in the 20-30% range as a guess. It may be more or less take home but I would bet that 70k is pretty close

We all agree how the CFL guys are grossly underpaid, while the remaining other leagues are grossly overpaid.
How about this though, a Grey Cup game for the winners to split $1M or what $20,000 for the 50 odd players. It's about time the playoff and GC money went up substantially.


actually it was a darn good guess. The taxes on 100K is about 30K of couse you have to add pension and UI but you were pretty close.

I didnt think so at first.....but I live in Quebec :roll:


$70 CFL seats! Peanuts!?!

You need to have a demand in order to raise ticket prices fairly. We are not yet at the point where each game is sold out, but if that does happen, then you can jack the prices up out of the "peanuts" range. :stuck_out_tongue:

The players do split a bounty for winning the Grey Cup - not sure off the top of my head what it is though

I think it is around $10,000 for the GC.

The average CFL player earns more than the average wage earner in Canada. So their income is certainly above average. Customers don't really want to pay higher ticket prices to support players. Instead they might prefer more games instead. Athletes of other sports (such as NHL, NBA and MLB) earn more because of more revenue from more games.

The CFL is marketed to a different fan base than the other leagues. What do blue jay tickets cost anyone?

I'm with Red & White, The day the CFL becomes all glitz and glamour is the day that I start becoming only a part time fan.
Mom & Pop, grassroots is what I like.

ssssshhh, we don't want higher ticket prices. That's why I stopped going to hockey games because, as a single working mother, I could no longer afford to go (when ticket prices climbed). I'm afraid it would mean I'd be supporting the team from home rather than in the stands.