Who sang the national anthem last night at B.C. Place.

Who was the gal who sang Canada's national anthem last night at B.C. Place before the Als played the Lions? Get this girl back for the Grey Cup. She was fabulous! Her tempo was excellent. Her voice was powerful and very clear. She sparkled when she sang.
Man, that was the best rendition of the anthem I've hear in a long time.

Sarah McLachlan sang it like a dirge back on September 30. Other singers sing their own rendition. And others sing it like they don't want to end it. It was ssssooo refreshing to hear it sung the right way!

Anyone know here name?

Was it Christi Hall?

Nope, not Hall. It was Stephanie Greaves. A Victoria gal! Great voice!

Wow, you read my thoughts. I was thinking the exact same thing. Bring her back as our full-time anthem singer. She was awesome!

With the number of American & American trained players on the team and the fact our games are shown in the States, I wouldn't mind the Star Spangled Banner being sung at games too. Just a sign of mutual respect and friendship between the two countries. :thup:

Beaglehound you posted 3 times in regards to your own question?
You really do starve for attention. lol
I do agree with you about the singer.
She was absolutely wonderful.
Not only was her rendition of Oh Canada well done, but her rendition of Amazing Grace was absolutely outstanding.
Speaking of depressing songs, Amazing Grace ranks right up there with the most depressing song of all time.
But she sang it, so beautifully.
She is an unreal singer and should do all the games.
I agree that the American anthem should be sung, as well.
Just out of respect for our American players and neighbors.
Regardless, if they do it across the border for us or not.
That would be a nice classy touch, by the lions.

I know FeLion Fan. I noticed that too. Nothing like answering my own question. lol I agree, I too loved her rendition of Amazing Grace. A depressing song? Perhaps to some. It is not exactly an upbeat, romping stomping song but it is intended to be a reflective soul searching song. Few songs can be played with bagpipes that do much for me. That one does- particularly the words. If you want to hear more of Stephanie Greaves go to:


I'd like to see her and Christi Hall share in the honors of singing our Anthem on a regular basis. As far as singing the U.S. Anthem I'm not for it. When the CFL expanded into the U.S. several years ago with teams like the Baltimore Stallion I could understand it. But if we do it now then we'll have to sing Mexico's Anthem as well in respect to Calvillo of the Alouettes. Wouldn't that be something? Where does it stop?
We do have the U.S. flag displayed below the HD screen at B.C. Place. That's enough for me. The Anthem is being sung, not to honor the players as much as to unite the crowd and the country.

Sorry Beaglehound, am normally in agreement with you but Anthony Calvillo is an absurd analogy. He's an AMERICAN, who happens to have Mexican roots - a Chicano who was born and grew up in LA. It's like saying we'll need to play the anthem with bagpipes to honour Paul McCallum because his parents are Scottish. :roll:

Those wouldn't be jalapeno roots would they? lol O Canada with bagpipes. It wouldn't be the first time. Sounds like a plan rhymes with orange. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Alright I'll give you that one rhymes with orange. But much as I like the U.S. Anthem I'm okay with just the Canadian Anthem being played. It's just personal preference. As long as we can get Stephanie Greaves or Christi Hall.

No, American Anthem should not be sung. This isn't the USA and there are no US teams visiting. Singing the US Anthem would be a sign of MASSIVE disrespect for the country we live in. The US players came here to play for a Canadian team - they should be the ones showing respect for our country.

As I've asked before - why do we sing ANY national anthems at ANY sporting events that don't represent national teams in international competitions? What's so special about sporting events as compared to any other event?

its really sad that you have to ask.

and it not whats so special about sporting events, its whats so special about singing our anthem.

When I went to school, we would have weekly assembly and sing Oh Canada, and God Save the Queen. Personally, I could do without the second one, but its could to have constant reminder and if possible, respect for who we are as a nation,